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‘Bunnyman Vengeance’ Concludes the Trilogy

They made three of these…

The deadly adventures of Bunnyman continue in the third and final film in the Bunnyman trilogy, Bunnyman Vengeance on digital 10/20 and DVD/BD on 11/21 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

The man known as Bunnyman returns home to find his family running a haunted house attraction. The family welcomes him home, but soon realizes you cannot domesticate a wild animal. Death and mayhem ensue as the family turn on one another to fulfill their bloodlust.

From writer-director Carl Lindbergh, and starring Diana Prince (Puppet Master: Axis Termination), Debby Gerber (“Glee”), and Marshal Hilton (The Bunnyman Massacre), Bunnyman Vengeance escapes the bloody burrow October 20th on VOD.



  • Baron Von Marlon

    Don’t remember much but I think those were quite alright. Bit plain and simple but in a good way.

  • MrX13

    3 movies!! I didn’t even know a second one was out. Never saw the movies though

  • Biscoito18

    “Inspired by true events” ლ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°ლ)

  • Necro

    Never watched any of these

  • I love these. The first is incredibly bad but theres heart in it. The sequel has better effects too. Hopefully the 3rd is the most improved?

  • Horrible Day

    Save for a few specific scenes these bunnyman movies are fucking atrocious. Can’t wait for this one to come out

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