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Jason Blum Open to Rebooting ‘Paranormal Activity’

The Paranormal Activity franchise, which gave birth to Blumhouse, has run its course. Found-footage has run its course.  We said goodbye to the franchise with 2015’s The Ghost Dimension, and Jason Blum has kept his word that it would conclude the series. But that doesn’t mean he won’t eventually resurrect it.

In an interview with CinePOP, Blum explained that he would be open to the idea of one day rebooting Paranormal Activity, joking that if Christopher Landon had an idea he would love to hear it. Landon, of course, wrote four of the films and eventually directed The Marked Ones.

The six Paranormal Activity movies topped $400M here in the States with it hitting $890M worldwide. It would only make sense for the franchise to eventually be rebooted, although it would be nice to see it filmed traditionally and really put Toby front and center.



  • Mike Lawrence

    Omg don’t bother. Time to start coming up with some new ideas and be done with this trend of rebooting movies that haven’t even had the chance to age yet!

  • Bart Crowe

    Fuck reboots have some balls like Don Mancini and keep going forward with everything being canonical. That said Paranormal Activity has done more damage to the horror genre than Scream ever did and it wasn’t even close to as awesome as Scream was.

    • The same Don Mancini that tried to reboot Child’s Play back in 2011, only for it to get shut down by the studio?

      • Bart Crowe

        He came to his senses and gave us Curse of Chucky so good on him.

        • You’re not wrong that he came to his senses, but this was only after the studio cancelled it.

          • Saturn

            I seem to remember that the plan was originally a remake and a sequel to the original movies.

          • boxcar182

            Like a quasi-reboot?

          • No, the 2011 film was a remake of the original. They essentially wanted to do a serious reboot after Seed of Chucky nearly destroyed the franchise’s reputation.

          • My point being that you can’t really say “Have the balls to not reboot your franchise like [Guy X]”, when Guy X tried (unsuccessfully) to reboot said franchise.

      • theundead

        Umm wrong he put it on hold

    • theundead

      Who’s forcing you to watch reboots?

  • Grimphantom
  • No. Found footage franchises shouldn’t even exist. It’s a technique that should only be applied to specific films for a specific purpose; not continuously abused to make a quick buck. Unless they have some new vision or take on the Paranormal Activity concept that isn’t just another standard found footage flick, I see no reason to reboot it.

    • theundead

      And who’s forcing you to watch found footage?

  • BCB

    I stopped watching after the 2nd.

    • quantumbleep

      I actually found Part 3 to be the best in the series, but I’ve only seen 1-4. Part 4 was so bad I haven’t bothered with the others and probably never will.

      • BCB

        How many were there altogether? I simply ignored the entire franchise after the 3rd.

        • There were six of them. An unnecessarily large amount, if you ask me.

          • Saturn

            There were (originally) seven.
            Paranormal Activity : Tokyo Night was originally classed as an official sequel, but once the franchise took off it was decided to remove it from canon.

      • Saturn

        4 is definitely the worst of the bunch – 5 (the marked ones) is one of the best.

      • boxcar182

        The franchise peaked at 3 and then slowly started declining after that.

    • theundead

      Umm ok you want a cookie?

  • Mike tantatelli

    Rebooted?? Is this some kind of joke. This can’t be real. Am I in the Twilight Zone?!?! Please……somebody……anybody……please help me!!!!

    • SutterKane

      What’s so shocking?? Is it really a surprise that a businessman who invested probably less than $20 million bucks in 6 movies and got back $890 Million would be open to the idea of doing it again??

      Hey, I might think they all sucked but for that kind of return on investment I’d have already rebooted it If I were him.

      • Mike tantatelli

        Very true. They did make a killing on those movies. Makes sense they would try and do it again. Good pint dude.

  • The first two films are good, the rest is garbage.
    The ending of Paranormal Activity 3 doesn’t make sense (come one the witch killed her own daughter and the girls don’t remember anything, btw Kathy talks about her mother during the first movie) and the trailer shows another different movie (70% of the scenes aren’t in the movie).

    Paranormal Activity 4 is a little enjoyable for me because I liked the protagonist, however the ending was a crap and nonsense.

    Marked Ones is awful, that time travel thing makes the franchise more stupid.

    Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension is HORRIBLE! I haven’t ended the movie because was too bad, I jumped straight to the end and was just awful like every single ending in this movie franchise.

    • Saturn

      The scenes in the trailer are in the director’s cut of PA3.

  • Youri Gavrilov

    Wait for ten years. And then – make exsactly the same movies but with different actors :).

  • zombie84_41

    god no the first bunch of them are garbage. maybe if they remake them do them as not found footage make them actually scary and gory not some stupid shit

    • theundead

      Whos forcing you to watch it?

  • Ah sod off Blum

    • Weresmurf

      Dude, Blums easily the saviour of cinematic horror at the moment.

      • Rebooting PA is such a lazy, half arsed cash grab idea though. When a franchise gets to the point that everyone knows the films are terrible, but they keep making them for the money it’s just sad

        • Weresmurf

          Rebooting ANY series is just that. However, if anyone can turn that series from the shitstain it was, into something half decent, Blum definitely could. I’m not saying I particularly WANT to see it done, but if anyones going to, at least he’s the right person for it.

          • If they can then I’d definitely eat my words, but I think PA worked well as a festival movie and should’ve stayed that way. My brother brought a copy round one night because it was an “obscure horror no one had heard of that is apparently real” and we were both completely into it, but the second the studios got hold of it it didn’t have the same appeal. Rebooting it would just take away from that even more

      • Dead2009


        • Weresmurf

          Please, tell me another studio that’s managed to have the financial success and given the artistic freedom Blumhouse has in the last 5 – 10 years. I’ll wait.

  • Simon Allen

    NO NO NO I will not sit through another 85 minutes of nothing and then 1 minute of some dumbass supernatural shit .

    • Mr. Screamer

      Not trying to be rude, but you’re saying it like they’re forcing you to watch it.

      • Simon Allen

        I’ve watched them in the vain hope one of them might actually be good .

        • Mr. Screamer

          Oh, I understand. I only watched the first 4 out of 6. The actually decent one was part 3 in my opinion, the rest were… something.

          • Simon Allen

            LIke a fool i watched them all … i think i’m allowed a rant . 🙂

  • Mr. Screamer

    We live in a world where Paranormal Activity can reach 6 movies, and already have talks for a reboot start. Meanwhile, we can’t even get a Scream 5 to properly end the series; and apparently the tv show will be cancelled after the rebooted third season anyway, right when it showed promise. Yes, I am triggered.

    • Necro

      Totally agree!

  • Saturn

    So, will it be called : TOBY?

    • Jay Bennett

      Toby: Creation

      • Saturn

        Nah, that will be the prequel to the prequels prequel.

    • Grimphantom

      No. It will be: TIM!

  • boxcar182

    I actually thought these films were a lot of fun watching in the theater. They had some pretty creepy moments and (most of) the characters were actually like able.

    I didn’t watch The Ghost Dimension in theater because of scheduling. But when I finally did watch it I was extremely disappointed. How was THAT the conclusion to this franchise?

    I would welcome a reboot after ending the franchise in that terrible way.

  • tyler

    These films were a fluke hit like Blair Witch. Sooooooooo boring and not scary for even a second. Nobody will watch it.

    • uriah369


    • 0Father0Satan0Sun

      Same here. I only watched the first one and I didn’t for anything after that AT ALL.

  • Creepshow

    It’s impossible to be afraid of anyone or anything named Toby. If they reboot it, they should give the demon a scarier name like Spencer, Melvin, or Scooter.

    • BreeBennett

      Or don’t give a name or even show it.

      • Creepshow

        Well they certainly didn’t show squat in the first three. I had enough after the third one, so I can’t say if they ever showed that big scary fella named Toby.

        (“big scary fella named Toby” LOL. I laughed just typing that!)

        • BreeBennett

          They showed it in Ghost Dimension.

          • Creepshow

            In my head, I picture Toby wearing high-water trousers with suspenders.

          • BreeBennett

            LOL much better than what we got

    • Randy Moses

      I vote for “Scooter” !

    • Grimphantom
      • uriah369

        What! Is your name?
        What! Is your quest?
        What! Is the air- speed velocity of a sparrow?

        What, African or European?

        I, I, I, don’t know that……..


  • BreeBennett

    The first one should have been a stand alone film. It’s great in my opinionn and it got damaged by the sequels (ok, the third one is actually pretty good).

    • Brian Berry


  • EmPleH

    So are they going to reboot it with a mediocre plot, really bad acting and cheap jump scares like the first one or possibly revamp it into something different? Ah, it doesn’t matter. Studios see it as a cash cow anyway that’s not done being milked out yet.

  • Necro

    I enjoyed the first three, actually part 3 was the best of them! I understand Blum is a business man and he’s one of the best in the industry, right now anyway. An undoubtedly he would likely make money rebooting, but if he’s truly in this to be the best and stay as one of the best, there’s no reason to even consider this. It’s all about staying fresh and trying your best to put out stuff that really sells and movies fans want to see. If he does this I would say he’s screaming that he’s all out of ideas and is at the end of his run as being one of the premier names in Horror. The only possibility would make it a regular movie and not another identical ‘found-footage’ film. I’d say leave them be cuz they had there run.

  • IWC-3PO

    Halloween 11: The Paranormal Activity Of Michael Myers.

  • Silhouetters

    If there’s any way to suck money out of something, he’ll do it.

    • Satanzilla

      Hey the movies cost five bucks to make and each one made a nice profit.


    They just don’t know when enough is enough

    Check out my life size Michael Myers I just finished

    • uriah369

      Nice. I love how they used a bad Shatner mask in the originals. Yours looks great! Good job.

  • Why remake the film when theres so many unanswered questions still?

  • Rohan

    They should reboot it as a horror comedy, and make fun of itself as much as possible.

    • uriah369

      I thought that was the original premise.

      • Rohan

        Lol. They tried it kind of in the marked ones, but all the comedy came from the main guys buddy. The marked ones is probably one of the better ones, but of course it has a stupid ass ending because it has to be ‘found’ footage. I just want to see more witches blasted away with a shotgun.

    • Will Ft. The Roots

      I think one or two of those movies already exist with Marlon Wayans

  • Satanzilla

    The first movie worked because it had a hand made feel that suggested the footage was authentic (at least in terms of suspending of disbelief) and a slow burn scare-by-suggestion approach. It was all downhill from there as they built a “mythos.” A mythos is exactly what the first movie was free of and why it worked.

  • uriah369

    Why bother. The original ones blew chunks.

  • HeteroFriendly

    “…has run its course.”

    Didn’t we figure that out 10 minutes into the first one?

    Eh, people seem to enjoy them.
    Give them what they want.

  • Patrick Curley

    PA3 was the peak of the series. Please. Stop.

  • 0Father0Satan0Sun

    Who the fuck cares? Paranormal Activity sucked and there is no point remaking/rebooting the series right away.

    • Will Ft. The Roots


      Its cheap to make and enough people like it to make it profitable.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    It’s been two years since the series concluded and barely ten since the first one. I know Hollywood tends to whack it pretty quickly and hard with remakes, but at least wait till 2025 when PA can become the stuff of nostalgia for some people instead of tired and overly worn out.


    I recently watched all of them and I have to say the only I liked was the first one.

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