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‘The Unseen’ Trailer: Grieving Parents’ Descend into Violence

Bloody Disgusting has the unnerving new trailer for Gary Sinyor’s psychological thriller The Unseen, which we learned will be in UK Cinemas and on Digital Download December 15, 2017.

In the film, “Gemma and Will are shattered when their son dies in an accident. Gemma blames herself and starts to have panic attacks that affect her eyesight – and the audience’s point of view. Will, tormented, believes he is hearing his son’s voice calling out to him. To escape their grief, Gemma suggests they take up Paul’s offer to stay at his Lake District country getaway. Gemma, helped by ex-pharmacist Paul, tries to stop her panic attacks with medication. Will, unable to hear to his son in his bedroom back home, antagonizes Paul and suddenly goes home. Gemma is now reliant on Paul who appears to be developing genuine feelings for her welfare. Love, grief, and the frailty of the human condition are all brought to the fore as Gemma Will and Paul are caught up in a descent into violence, both psychological and ultimately physical.

Richard Flood, Simon Cotton, and Jasmine Hyde star.



  • Biscoito18

    I thought it was Lily Rabe. Oh well

  • Necro

    I forget her name, but I keep thinking it’s the girl from some of the seasons of ‘American Horror Story’. I think she was also in that film ‘The Veil’ if I’m not mistaken.

    • Biscoito18

      Lily Rabe

      • Necro

        Yep that’s it thanks!

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