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Can Evrenol’s ‘Housewife’ Poster a Dreamscape of Horror

On the eve of the North American Premiere at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, Can Evrenol‘s English language debut, Housewife has received a new one sheet.

In the film, “Holly’s childhood was a nightmare—at age 7, she watched her mother kill her sister and father. Twenty years later, Holly’s dreams remain plagued by that painful memory. An unexpected reunion with an old friend further complicates matters, introducing Holly to a strange cult-like group that follows a celebrity psychic, one who takes a special liking to Holly. And because of him, her worst nightmares become shockingly real.

Clémentine Poidatz, David Sakurai, and Alicia Kapudağ star.

Featuring Danish-Japanese actor, David Sakurai as Bruce O’Hara, the enigmatic leader of the Umbrella of Love and Mind movement in the film.  Sakurai was last seen as the dapper dead pop star specter culling love interests in festival favorite, Liza The Fox-Fairy.  As reported in Deadline, the actor has also been cast in the forthcoming Fantastic Beasts sequel as henchman Krall opposite Johnny Depp.

Take a look at the poster below as well as a reminder of the exclusive trailer.  Outside of the NYC screening, the film will be invading Vancouver International Film Festival this Friday the 13th, FrightFest UK’s Halloween edition, Cinepocalypse in Chicago, Telluride Horror Show, Denver Film Festival, Mexico’s Morbido & more.



  • fasa96

    I saw this movie! It’s so…weird.

    • Necro

      Any brutal violence and gore?

      • fasa96


        • Necro

          Good! Thanks!

    • Necro

      Have you ever seen his first film ‘Baskin’? That’s a weird one too.

      • fasa96

        Never seen it, but by the looks of it, seems the same type of “weirdness”…

        • Necro

          It’s good! The only thing is this one they speak in Turkish so it comes in subtitles unlike his new film. I don’t know if that bothers you cuz some people hate subtitles. Just thought I’d let you know in case you were gonna check it out.

          • fasa96

            Subtitles do not bother me at all. I grew up with them. Will check it out then. Thanks!

          • Necro

            You’re Welcome!

  • Blood Boil

    This looks great! Baskin was excellent, looking forward Can Evrenol’s career

  • Eric

    Baskin was ridiculously insane…

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