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The ‘Psychopaths’ Come Out to Play…and Murder [Trailer]

Samuel Goldwyn Films has just gone evil, just because, with the new trailer for Mickey Keating‘s sprawling, psychedelic ensemble piece Psychopaths (read our review), while also announcing a January 2, 2018, release on VOD and in limited theaters.

“Over the course of one excessively blood-soaked night, multiple serial killers’ paths cross, leaving a trail of bodies and begging the question: Which psychopath will live to see morning?”

The cast includes all sorts of genre vets from The Battery director Jeremy Gardner to Graham Skipper (The Mind’s Eye, Almost Human), Helen Rogers (V/H/S, Body), Matt Mercer (Contracted, Madison County, The Mind’s Eye), Larry Fessenden (Southbound, The Mind’s Eye, In a Valley of Violence), with Sam Zimmerman, Mark Kassen (Alone, Jobs), Ivana Shein (Meadowland, The Woods), and James Landry Hébert (HBO’s “Westworld”).

Keating, who directed the black and white masterpiece, Darling, as well as the “Twilight Zone”-esque Pod and Ritual, also reteams with Carnage Park star Ashley Bell, while also enlisting The Final Girls‘ Angela Trimbur.

The paths of multiple serial killers cross over one single, blood-soaked night. Which psychopath will survive through to morning? Follow the soul of a recently executed serial killer as he descends back to earth and possesses his many followers beneath the full moon. There’s Alice, an escaped mental patient who thinks she’s living in the 1950s glamour world, Blondie, a beautiful seductress who lures men down into her suburban basement, the Midnight Strangler, first seen claiming a victim in a seedy hotel, and an enigmatic masked contract killer who stalks the city with his own deadly agenda.



  • zombie84_41

    i like this director

    • Necro

      You’re not kidding there Bro! Everything Keating’s done has just appealed to me. Why, I have no clue. He just makes good films. IMO

      • zombie84_41

        ya man darling was pretty good didbt see carnage park yet

  • Kyle Cole

    This looks awesome!!! I love films with many villains !!

  • Matt Miller

    I don’t know, I’ve always thought Keating is overrated. He always imitates the style of much better movies but with an amateur eye. The plot is interesting but I’m not into this trailer.

    • AlanMorlock

      Its not as if he’s hugely well known or something. Not really sure how you can say he’s over rated.

      • Matt Miller

        I know, I know, but calling Darling masterpiece or things like that, I think there’s really a problem with his movies, I enjoy them but I wouldn’t say they are great.

  • The female cast is very attractive, and the cinematography and color palette looks awesome! Count me in <3

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