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‘IT’ Helps Get Stephen King’s ‘The Talisman’ into Development

The great Stephen King revival is upon us and next on the list is The Talisman, which has enlisted Fault in Our Stars and New Mutants director Josh Boone to write the Amblin Entertainment’s adaptation, Variety reports. Although he’s currently just set to pen the script, there is a possibility he could eventually direct as well.

Based on the best-selling novel, the movie follows a boy, who in order to save his mother from certain death, enters a parallel world known as the Territories in search of a powerful talisman.

Amblin had initially been developing the project as a TV show, but has since decided to turn it into a film.

Boone has had a long-standing relationship with the author after being tapped to write and direct an adaptation of “The Stand.” When that project was put on hold, the iconic writer tasked Boone with penning an adaptation of “Revival,” which is currently in development.



  • Jerry Medina

    OMG i would loooove this!! but there is so much to tell D: hope they make it well

  • The Drucifer

    This needs to be a miniseries and not a movie. Wolf!

    • Simon Allen

      I’ts going to be impossible to put the whole book into one movie right ?
      Not forgetting there is a sequel already !

  • Bart Crowe

    Don’t short change co-author Peter Straub. I know Stephen King is more famous but Peter Straub is an excellent horror author and deserves to get credit for The Talisman too. Hell even King says that Straub came up with all the best lines. I’m serious you should edit this article and give Peter Straub the credit he deserves.

  • Aaron Johnson

    I have the weirdest thing with this book. I read it and LOVED it but I can’t remember anything about it. Maybe I should re-read it?

    • Bart Crowe

      It was the first Stephen King and Peter Straub book I read and I loved it. If you’re a fan of The Dark Tower series it is a must read as it does a lot of world building for that series while not technically being a part of the main series. It’s sort of King and Straub’s take on Huck Finn only more fantastical and creepy.

  • SutterKane

    I’ll believe this when I see it. This movie died in development hell in the 80’s at the peak of Kings popularity with Spielberg attached to direct it.

  • Edwina Gein

    Hopefully it pushes through and does well enough to get a Black House sequel

  • zombie84_41


  • Mathis Thomas


  • ReaperMike83

    Not against this at all but was really hoping they would go forward with The Stand first.

  • seemykids99 .

    Please dont. Wasn’t destroying the Dark Tower enough?

    • DrCakewalk

      They didn’t destroy the Dark Tower. The Dark Tower is still just as readily available as it always was.

      • seemykids99 .

        Apparently the Pedantry on this site is more rampant than I had imagined.

        You keep pretending you don’t know what I meant.

        • DrCakewalk

          Obviously I knew what you meant and I was making fun of you for being a whiny, childish, entitled baby about it.

          You didn’t like the movie? Too bad.

          Grow up.

          • seemykids99 .

            So this is what you got going on today? “Making fun” of people on the internet that you disagree with?

            Then tell ME to “grow up”? What are you? 12?

          • DrCakewalk

            “Then tell ME to “grow up”?”

            That’s generally what I tell children who are having a tantrum.

          • seemykids99 .

            Still at it huh? Its getting a little sad at this point, so I’m afraid I’ll have to stop engaging you.

            Enjoy 8th grade, its going to be a magical time for you.

  • Adam Paquette

    They need to remake Pet Sematary! The guy who did the new IT said he wants to do it.

    • Captain Jelly

      Im sure he will but he’s got a BIG TIME movie on his hands already. Im sure WB is going to expect another 600 million from IT:Chapter 2-Pennywise.Andy has already begun work on it and if IT is half as fun and rewarding to him personally as chapter 1 was they will DEFINITELY give him Pet Semetary. If he honestly shows things from IT’s point of view like in the book..He can take all my money,GLADLY!!!

    • Simon Allen

      No more bloody remakes thanks .

      • Creepshow

        You got it. Gore free remakes it is. Done!

        • Simon Allen

          Trust you to find the wrong end of the stick i’m bashing him with .

          • Creepshow

            Oh, my misunderstanding. Carry on, sir.

  • Simon Allen

    I seem to be alone in thinking “IT” was pretty overrated (its not bad it’s just pretty pedestrian ..maybe I was just over familiar with the material so it lacked any impact for me ) but if it gets this adaptation kickstarted them I will be forever grateful ….it’s a wonderful book and I’ve been dying to see it on the big screen ever since I first read it way back when .
    I will be amazed if they can fir it all into one movie though .

    • DukeStKing

      Trust me. You’re not alone in your thinking.

      • Simon Allen

        Thanks …..i was kinda scared to say it !!

        • DukeStKing

          I’ve called out that the emperor has no clothes on this site, and I’ve been trashed for it myself. It’s a comments section. But some people can’t handle commentary.

          • Simon Allen

            Everyone keeps hailing “IT” as the holy grail of horror right now …’s an ok movie that, for me was just not in the least bit scary and some of the make up jobs in it (yes , im talking about you Leper) were like a bad halloween prank .

          • DukeStKing

            I feel you, brother. And I’ll say this right now. In front of God and all the horror fans out there….Pennywise was Not, I repeat, NOT scary. He tried way too hard as far as I’m concerned.

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