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Ethan Hawke Only Has ’24 Hours to Live’ and Will Kill Everyone Before Then [Trailer]

The title of Brian Smrz‘s film says it all, and the red band trailer really delivers on it.

It’s like Crank meets John Wick with a little bit of Die Hard in the first trailer for 24 Hours to Live, a fast-paced action-packed movie about a career assassin (Ethan Hawke) who is given a chance at redemption after his employer brings him back to life temporarily after being killed on the job.

The impressive cast also includes Xu Qing, Liam Cunningham, Rutger Hauer, and Paul Anderson.

It will be released on Ultra VOD November 3rd and theatrically day-and-date in LA/NY on December 1st.



  • jacobia

    I really like Ethan Hawke, a very charismatic actor in my opinion.

  • GunsOfNavarone

    Looks like John Wick meets Crank.

    • Will Schuster

      One can only hope! Doubt i’d be that awesome though.

      • GunsOfNavarone

        I would guess that it will probably score around a 6 or so. But saying that, I wouldn’t say either John Wick or Crank were amazing. John Wick had some great action sequences, but largely the story was paper thin. Crank was just a little more original in story, but probably as throwaway.

        • Will Schuster

          I think they are both fantastic

  • Mike Lawrence

    Looks pretty typical. We’ve seen many versions of this same story before.
    Wish people would think outside the box a little more often.

    • David Tucker

      Agreed. This looks like the most cliched version of this storyline you could think up. Every line was like something out of a movie that was parodying this type of movie.


    Looks like a bloody good time

  • Mamet006

    Looks not awful

  • Jay Brezzy

    Maybe ultra HD?

  • plutohiller

    Looks impressive compared to other VOD films starring big actors, but I can’t help asking myself what’s wrong with it that they didn’t want to go full theatrical release? Especially considering they would attract the same audience currently impressed with John Wick.

  • Will Schuster

    He’s no Keanu, but it looks great.

  • J Jett

    this looks pretty good!

  • Necro

    Hawke can act with the best of ’em in my opinion! I mean he’s done every major genre an actor can act in, and does a phenomenal job! My two favorite films with him are ‘Sinister’ and ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’. I’ve heard him say one of the coolest, most self-less things an actor can say, in regards to ‘Training Day’ with Denzel Washington about Denzel finally winning an ‘Academy Award’. He said “I knew if I did my job right, Denzel would get it.” I mean to take your skill to another level in your profession in hopes that your co-star/co-worker wins something all actors covet, is so cool to me!

    Now maybe this isn’t going to be his best film, although it looks good, but the guy can act.

  • Mike Messina

    Looks good

  • sorryheadfilledwithdope

    Looking forward to this

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