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‘Break’ Trailer Looks Perfect for Fans of Adam Green’s ‘Frozen’

Ahead of the forthcoming AFM in Santa Monica, CA, Russian World Vision has released an awesome-looking sales trailer for Break, which looks like a bigger-scale version of Adam Green’s Frozen.

Directed by Tigran Saakyan, “The company of three guys and two girls makes their way to the old funicular to have an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration at the top of the mountain. A fun adventure turns into a nightmare when the funicular stops over the abyss. Coldness, height, and fear of a slow death make them reveal their true essence and get in a fight with each other.” Irina Antonenko, Andrey Nazimov, and Ingrid Olerinskaya star.

Watch this spot for news out of AFM if Break were to land U.S. distribution.



  • le4therfac3

    the jingle bell rock remix lmao. this is a terrible trailer. and it looks like someone watched frozen and thought they could do it bigger and badder but with even less of a budget

  • Looks pretty entertaining, I’m in!

  • Night of the NixEclips

    Wait, setting a movie in a bunker but with robots makes it a rip off of Cloverfield Lane, but doing the same plot as Frozen but BIGGER makes it cool. What the hell, Mr. D?

  • scream4ever

    Frozen was an intriguing concept that was ultimately too unrealistic for me to get into (none of them thought to tie their clothes together and have someone slide down, plus the behavior of the wolves felt like science fiction). This however looks a bit more believable.

  • Scott Wolf

    They just gave the whole damn thing away in less than a minute so what’s the point of watching it you know that apparently she’s the last survivor and either she lives or dies our friends die so what the hell is the point of watching it when you already know what happened I was intrigued but now I’m pissed

  • Harley Mitchel Dirk

    The trailer gave way too much away. Still might be better than Frozen, it looks like a more tense ride at least.

  • Mike Lawrence

    Holy spoilers. Guess we don’t really need to bother seeing it now.

    • Yeah why does it show who is the last one alive? Pretty much ruins it

  • James Allard

    I loved Frozen. This is Frozen 2: The Total Rehash. How can I say that without having seen it?

    I just did.

  • fools2234

    Let me guess, all of the guys are going to die and the females are going to survive.

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