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VUDU Slashes Lots of Horror Gems to 99 Cents for Halloween

We may spend a lot of time lamenting the sad death of video shops, but the reality is that it’s now cheaper and easier than ever to watch movies. Thanks to streaming services like Amazon, Netflix and VUDU, we don’t even have to leave the house to rent movies, nor do we typically have to spend more than a couple bucks.

On that note, VUDU just unleashed a 99-cent “Devilish Rentals” section!

Included in VUDU’s Halloween deals are a handful of gems from the past and present, such as Sinister, The Witch, Hellraiser, Drag Me to Hell and Last Shift.

Read on for the complete list and head over to VUDU to start streaming.

  • The Astronaut’s Wife
  • Case 39
  • Deliver Us from Evil
  • The Omen (2006)
  • Sinister
  • The Exorcism of Emily Rose
  • The Exorcism of Molly Hartley
  • Mirrors
  • A Dark Song
  • The Rite
  • Demons
  • The Wicker Man (1975)
  • The Haunting in Connecticut
  • The Haunting in Connecticut 2
  • The Witch
  • The Witches of Eastwick
  • Haxan
  • Burn Witch Burn
  • The Evil Within
  • Constantine
  • Hellraiser
  • Hellbound: Hellraiser 2
  • The Sacrament
  • The Possession
  • Stigmata
  • Devil’s Advocate
  • The Amityville Horror (1979)
  • Amityville 2: The Possession
  • The Exorcist 3
  • Drag Me to Hell
  • The Prophecy
  • Blood Creek
  • Last Shift
  • Oculus
  • Lost Souls
  • The Ninth Gate
  • Dark Circles
  • The Possession of Michael King
  • The Wicked Within
  • Dead Souls
  • The Vatican Tapes
  • Starry Eyes
  • Bless the Child
  • Audrey Rose
  • Night of the Demons (1988)
  • The Devil’s Backbone
  • The House of the Devil
  • Witchboard
  • Black Death
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Devil
  • The Bye Bye Man
  • The Devil’s Chair
  • The Brotherhood of Satan

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  • Cali-Chainsaw

    Might as well go to their “On us” section for free cheesy horror!

  • Simon Allen

    99c cents is still way to much for The Witch .

    • MrX13

      Even if it was free, I still wouldn’t watch The Witch. Waste of time movie which was freakin boring!

      • Simon Allen

        Indeed …..burn The Witch i say 🙂 .

  • Necro

    I get it’s only $.99, but we’re still paying! I have XFinity and movies that are 20-30 years old I have to (I don’t) pay $3.99 to rent! GTFO! I’m glad I’m the movie collector I am and I’m saying this from a perspective of someone who doesn’t. That shit is ridiculous! $3.99 to rent ‘Hellraiser lll: Hell on Earth’ (a movie that’s 25 years old) and $5.99 to rent ‘Wish Upon’ a brand new film!

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