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The ‘Dream Warriors’ Just Reunited for a 30-Years-Later Photo

Only one sequel in the original A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is “fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes, and not surprisingly, it’s the one most beloved by fans of the series. I’m of course referring to A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, the film that firmly established Freddy Krueger as a pop culture icon.

Believe it or not, it’s been 30 years since we first met the Dream Warriors!

In celebration of the 30th anniversary, the cast of Dream Warriors (minus Patricia Arquette, naturally) came together at New Jersey’s Chiller Theatre convention this past Halloween weekend, and they posed for a photo that (sort of) recreates the film’s Breakfast Club-inspired promotional shot.

The photo was tweeted out by Heather Langenkamp, showing her posing with Ira “Will” Heiden, Penelope “Jennifer” Sudrow, Jennifer “Taryn” Rubin and Rodney “Joey” Eastman.

Where you at, Kincaid?!



  • zombie84_41


  • Why the black guy changed his skin color?

    • Khy

      Well It works for Lil Kim…

    • Tan Shearer


    • Inferus

      Reverse Get Out?

  • Definitely the best Elm Street film. It’s about time for New Line Cinema to reboot the franchise again, though (preferably without Platinum Dunes, and with a Freddy Krueger that isn’t boring and unimaginative).

    • Tan Shearer

      I prefer Part 4 but the original is top for me.

      • Eddie Barsh

        4 is my favorite also although clearly the original is the best. I agree

  • Mike Gionfriddo

    Is that Penelope Sudrow?

  • Adam Clifton

    She’s not there at all. That’s Penelope Sudrow (Jennifer)

  • American Atheist

    No Robert Englund?

  • Khy

    Patricia Arquette stay paying this movie dust lol.

    Something tells me she probably didn’t enjoy being in the film. Even Johnny Depp and Kevin Bacon have been open about their roles in these movies (Friday 1 for Kev) in recent years but radio silence from Patricia for 30 years. Which she has the right too of course- just an observation.

    • Eddie Barsh

      I didn’t like her in Dream Warriors anyways. I liked Tuesday Knight way better. Patricia has the most annoying scream ever. I have to turn my TV up to 75 to hear the dialogue but I have to turn it down to 15 because her screams are so shriekingly loud and high pitched its unbelievable. Tuesday Knights portrayal brought more personality (and looks) to the character of Kristen. Patricia was lame

      • marklola12 .

        Tuesday night other than being a odd looking person could not act her way out of a paper bag, she was the worst part of nightmare 4 and glad she died as quick as she did

    • Tony Harley

      Perhaps Patricia didn’t have a pleasant experience? it’s been said by the director of Freddy’s Dead that she had a bad first day but got into the groove of things after it and the director never truly gave her the support she deserved so maybe it soured her feelings toward the film. It just sucks cause she’s apart of the best NOES sequel.

      • Eddie Barsh

        The director of Freddy’s Dead? What do you mean? Patricia Arquette wasn’t in Freddy’s Dead? And to the best of my knowledge the director of Freddy’s dead wasn’t involved in part 3

        • marklola12 .

          well your knowledge is ZERO since the director of Freddy’s dead was a producer on nightmare 3

        • Khy

          Rachel Talalay(however you spell her name) was a producer on every Nightmare before- that’s how she landed the gig for Freddy’s Dead. She has a lot of inside knowledge on what happened during the development of the first five films and then her own of course. Her story was also backed up by the Nightmare 3 cast in the Never Sleep Again docu.

      • Dylan Gutierrez

        She mentioned the experience was pretty tough and it was director would yell and shoot down things a lot which she felt made it a hard shoot.

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      She spoke about it a couple years ago.

      “I want to ask you about some of your past work. Your first lead movie role was in A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3.

      PA: That’s right. Dream Warriors! In my dreams, I’m a gymnast! I was like, “Why is she picking this? Why is she a damn gymnast?”

      Was that a crazy experience?

      PA: It was really a hard shoot. The director didn’t like you to try anything. Later, he apologized, after the movie. He said, “I have to say, I would yell at you when you’d do something, and then I’d end up using it in the cut. I’m sorry about that.” We had this really mean DP, really horribly mean. It was kind of a trial by fire.”

      • Khy

        Thank you! Yeah, exactly what I suspected. They said that Chuck was indeed a bitch on wheels in the Never Sleep Again docu.
        Well at least she still has a love for horror! She wants to do another horror film eventually.

  • IWC-3PO

    Rotten Tomatoes can suck a butt.

  • John Hintergardt

    Fuck you Patricia Arquette you stuck up bitch.

    • Tan Shearer

      She was under no obligation to take part in the photo and also maybe she was busy? Not everyone can just jump up and stop everything they’re doing for the sake of a pointless photograph.

      • marklola12 .

        true but lets face it she is the only person out of all of them that still has a thriving career and is always working lol

        • Tan Shearer

          How do you know the rest of them don’t have jobs?

  • Eddie Barsh

    In my opinion, ANOES needs to be rebooted/remade. The remake had some good ideas but they weren’t executed properly. For one the music was lacking the original score that is only heard at the funeral scene. They also recreated some of the most iconic scenes in NOES but they were so short and unsatisfying. For everything that went wrong with the remake the lone bright spot about the remake (and I’ll catch flak for this) is the truly AMAZING and Jaw dropping performance by Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger. Before anyone judges just do me a favor. Put your thoughts and feelings about the remake movie as a WHOLE and just go back and rewatch the footage of the scenes that ONLY include Jackie’s Freddy on scene and watch them. Observe his mannerisms, the way he talks, the way he laughs, the things he says, the way he walks. Everything, rewatch ONLY the Freddy scenes and you will see that he PERFECTED Freddy Krueger! The movie sucked but Jackie delivered a truly terrifying performance! He was far more aggressive and ferocious as Freddy than Robert EVER was. Roberts portrayal never showed so much anger and aggression as Freddy. Jackie’s protrayal was much darker ! I’ve always said comedy has NO PLACE in horror. I don’t wanna see Freddy riding around on a broomstick or cracking jokes. I wanna see Freddy stick his fuckin arm thru somebodys body and rip their fucking hearts out like Jackie Earle Haley did! If a reboot is going to happen, they either need to rehire Jackie or make sure their chosen actor studies Jackie’s portrayal because he MASTERED the art of playing Freddy Krueger

    • Weresmurf

      Not rebooted or remade, but continued. Set it after part 5. Have Freddy ‘disappeared’ for 25+ years, everyone forgot him. The parents died off more or less. The teens just remember him now as a boogeyman, like a legend. People moved away, the population speak of him in whispers, that’s it. Noone truly believes in him anymore. Noones controlled by medication, noones controlled in any other way like that, it’s just he’s ‘faded away’.

      Some small children move into the neighborhood, and Freddy uses these tiny kids, around 5 years old, as avenues of getting his way back, over a period of years. He tricks them into thinking he’s their friend, they ‘allow’ him into their dreams, while he’s at his weakest more or less needing ‘permission’ each time, then once he’s at a decent amount of strength and they’ve aged up a bit, say to 13 or 15, he starts the killing again, shedding his false identity and revealing who he is, now back to strength.

      • steeler74386

        That would of been awesome and have Omgosh Alice ? (It’s been awhile since seen the fifth one ) Son as a adult live there and has a family of his own that Freddy terrorizes

  • Tony Sola

    I did see the actor that played Kincaid on an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia some years back. I assume he’s still acting.

  • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

    Kincaid has been confined to The Quiet Room.

  • Bobby Sherry

    I was there, always a great time at Chiller and the Elm Street guests were great. Ira made the comment that he tried to get Patricia to attend but no luck. There’s a bigger reunion with both Ken and Bradley Gregg joining this group in Charlotte in May.

    • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

      Did Freddy grope her butt or something?

  • steeler74386

    Man 30 years ago??!? I feel old

  • steeler74386

    Wish Robert England would don Freddy ONE last time. But like only focus more on his back story ( like how they did in Freddy’s dead )

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