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The Trailer for ‘Totem’ Brings Bad Luck

Now on Cinemax and VOD platforms is Marcel Sarmiento‘s supernatural thriller Totem, which stars Kerris Dorsey, Ahna O’Reilly, James Tupper, Lia McHugh, and Braeden LeMasters.

In the film,

“A teen must resort to extreme measures to protect her family from a supernatural entity.”

The screenplay was penned by Evan Dickson, who was a long-time writer for Bloody Disgusting and now a full-time screenwriter. Sarmiento directed the awesome Deadgirl before taking the reigns on the wild and crazy wrap portion of VHS: Viral, the third film in our franchise.

Blumhouse acquired the film produced by Divide / Conquer and Will Frank. HBO will be releasing international starting today, November 3rd.



  • Nick Schwab

    Is this only on pay channels, like Cinemax? Does anyone know when it comes to Amazon VOD or Direct TV?

    • Evan Dickson

      I think it is on Direct TV actually. Don’t have cable myself, wanna check and lemme know?

    • Tacos Beer

      I’ve only found it on Cinemax but if you have a firestick/tv you can sign up for cinemax’s 7 day trial watch the movie and cancel.

      • Evan Dickson

        You can also do the same w the hulu cinemax “add on” if you are on apple tv

      • david

        Or you can also just jailbreak your firestick and watch it for free.

    • Jim Charette

      Or you could do what I do & watch it from a pirate site

  • Looks very cheap, even for Blumhouse. I’ll pass

  • Saturn

    So I’ve seen most of the Blumhouse horror movies (although not all – probably about 85%ish) and have thought they’ve mainly been pretty decent (although there are exception : Ouija and Jessabelle both did things with donkey penis which I’m not going to mention, as I’m a gentleman) so I’ll probably check this one out with an open – but slightly more expectant – mind.

    • Boydon

      don’t bother. easily the worst movie i’ve seen all year. i’m sort of shocked at the incompetence involved. even the bad blumhouse movies are done with a decent technical degree. this one reads like a high school AV project that someone mailed to blumhouse and got lucky. in fact, i’m convinced that’s what it is.

      • Saturn

        That bad, eh?

        • Boydon

          i would have quit after 10 minutes but kept on watching for the “shock ending” this site’s been raving about, which was nothing more than a juvenile embarrassment. i should have known by now not to trust the reviews here.

          • Saturn

            So it’s not up there with Serbian Film then?

          • Boydon

            nothing about this movie was shocking in the slightest so no, not up there with serbian film.

  • Kyle Cole

    Watched this the other night. I was hesitant at first, but i ended up liking it. PRETTY good little halloween type movie.

  • PacMan Cereal

    What a horrible movie. I can’t believe the reviews led me astray again.

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