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Bill Oberst Jr. Goes Pretty Dark in ‘Dis’ [Trailer]

Even though he might not be quite on the mainstream radar yet, indie underground icon, Bill Oberst Jr. has had his share of diverse roles. He’s pretty prolific and has made some pretty daring choices on both the light and dark sides. He’s played General Sherman, Abraham Lincoln, a killer clown and more bad guys than you can shake a bloody knife at. He’s just hitting his stride and in the upcoming film Dis, he may have added some pretty heavy arthouse horror to his dossier.

Dis delves deep into the legend of the Mandrake, a plant that is said to possess such mystical properties as having a lethal shriek when it’s dug up that kills everyone around it, or at the very least, drives them crazy. Bill Oberst plays a wandering soldier of fortune type that finds himself in familiar territory somewhere Mexico, but this time around he’s stalked by something that wants to use him as fertilizer for a literal torture garden. Dis is helmed by director Adrian Corona and exudes a visual potency that makes it really uncomfortably irresistible to watch. The opening scene is unflinchingly and simultaneously a hit right between the eyes that will make anyone else in the room with you question your taste in film. “Viscerally ethereal” comes to mind, and those two words usually don’t go together, but then again neither do monsters with nice cleavage, horticulture through homicide, and unhappy happy endings.



  • Marla

    Eh, looks like Hostel meets a 1960’s French art film.


    • JackJonston24

      Yes,let’s instead roll the red carpet for uninspired garbage like the Conjuring,Annabelle or whatever other trash that passes as horror in the modern days . God forbid someone does anything different

      • Marla

        Different is one thing. Originality is quite another.

        • JackJonston24

          There’s nothing original in fiction anymore,everything has been done in one way or another either in movies,tv,plays,books and the list goes on,the main thing is how you make something feel fresh even though it has been done before,not remake the same shit just because you know it’s safe and it sells .

          • Marla

            I agree.

  • Necro

    Yeah I like Oberst, he reminds me of Bill Moseley in a sense. The guy isn’t afraid to act, I think he’s been in over 50 some films. He was really good in ‘A Haunting in Salem’, overall the film was good, but he was really good.

  • Les Mahoney

    Bill is great, check him out also in “At Granny’s House”.

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