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Lucy Boynton Plays the ‘Apostle’ Cult Leader’s Daughter

If you were a fan of Gareth EvansV/H/S/2 segment “Safe Haven”, the director of both Raid films is battling another cult in Apostle, starring The Guest‘s Dan Stevens as a man who attempts to save his sister from a devious cult.

Lucy Boynton, who stars in Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express, has an important role in the film set to be released by Netflix in 2018. In speaking to Collider, she reveals that she plays the cult leader’s daughter and, well…

“It’s slightly more story heavy than The Raid films,” she explained. “It’s about a cult and a guy goes to rescue his sister from the cult and I play the cult leader’s daughter who slightly starts to realize the darkness of all that her fathers cult entails.

“It’s fun and bloody,” she adds. “There are some really, great action sequences that Raid fans will be pleased with.”

Also starring Michael Sheen, Bill Millner, and Kristine Froseth, Apostle takes place in 1905. Stevens plays Thomas Richardson, who travels to a remote island to rescue his sister after she’s kidnapped by a mysterious religious cult demanding a ransom for her safe return. It soon becomes clear that the cult will regret the day it baited this man, as he digs deeper and deeper into the secrets and lies upon which the commune is built.

Lucy Boynton also stars in Osgood Perkins’ I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House and The Blackcoat’s Daughter, as well as Don’t Knock Twice.



  • Braker

    You worked with Gareth Edwards? I thought it was GARETH EVANS.

    • Brett Lovejoy

      Evans must’ve directed that Indonesian Godzilla movie, then!

  • Michał Bochenek

    Wow, what a team! I love first Raid movie, Stevens was incredible in The Guest, Boynton is one of the reason why The Blackcoat’s Daughter was so good and Michael Sheen… For me, his role in Passengers is the best “android” role ever. Can’t wait for this.

  • J Jett

    i freaking love Lucy Boynton! even though i hear her screen time is limited i’m excited to see her in MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS on monday and i’ll definitely watch her in this new cult film.

    • Shes hardly in it, sadly. But even she couldn’t save that film :/

      • Evan3

        Yowza. What went wrong?

        • There was just no tension or excitement. No thrill of the hunt. Was like an emotionless journey. It’s interview after interview of the characters, but it’s not exciting. There is no tension or pressure to find the killer. A super cheap chase scene that’s forced. And another ‘shocking scene’ that happens one second and then completely ignored mere seconds later.

          I love mysteries and never saw the original film so I went in blind. But it was just tepid. No excitement or anything. Weird really.

  • Love Lucy Boyton!
    She is definitely a rising star!

  • Necro

    I have so much new stuff to watch and I’ve been really close to picking ‘I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in This House’ would anyone be so kind to tell me if it’s worth my time to watch this?

    • Saturn

      Yes, yes it is.
      If only to let me know whether it’s work checking out!

      • J Jett

        pretty sneaky Saturn! LOL. 🙂

    • J Jett

      Necro, personally speaking i hated I AM THE PRETTY THING. i very much liked BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER though. i say give PRETTY THING a try though. we all like different things. 🙂

      • Necro

        Yeah I usually do without listening to anything. Meaning I reserve judgement for myself, but every now and then I like to hear what a few trusted others think/thought.

  • Laura

    Just letting you know it’s Gareth Evans not Gareth Edwards!

  • DarkSlayerSigma

    “It’s fun and bloody” Hell yeah!!!!

  • Evan3

    Dan Stevens is a tough actor to pin down. He was a weird nerd in Legion. A charmer in Downton Abbey. And now a badass again. This sounds good, I’ll check it out even though I was really disappointed with The Raid 2.

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