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Kino Lorber Acquires Psychedelic Thriller ‘Like Me’

Rob Mockler makes his directorial debut with Like Me, and oh boy do you have to see this trailer! The footage shows star Addison Timlin in her own trippy world that gives nods to cult classics such as David Cronenberg’s Videodrome and Gregg Araki’s The Doom Generation, not to mention Max Headroom. The film looks like a tripped out version of V/H/S, inspired by Patrick Nagel’s art, and soaked in cool 80’s fluorescent lighting. I need this in my life ASAP!

Thankfully, Kino Lorber has acquired U.S. rights and plans to release the psychedelic thriller in theaters this coming January with a VOD release in March, Deadline reports.

After posting a video of herself robbing a convenience store, Kiya (Addison Timlin) amasses a huge social media following. A reckless loner, she seeks some form of genuine human connection. Through her travels, she encounters a drifter, an Internet troll and a paint huffing outsider who are all pulled into her circle of chaos, junk food, and drugs. In a world of fabricated personalities, Kiya is intent on exposing something gutturally truthful about humanity, but ultimately, she must confront herself.

Addison Timlin, Ian Nelson, Larry Fessenden, Jeremy Gardner, Stuart Rudin, Nicolette Pierini star.

Peter Phok, Leo Joseph, Anya Joseph, Anthony Gentile, and John Gentile executive produce. Jenn Wexler, Jessalyn Abbott, Robert Mockler, James Belfer, and the great Larry Fessenden produce. The wicked music comes courtesy of Giona Ostinelli.



  • James Allard

    As several people I know would say: That is weird simply for the sake of being weird.
    To which I generally reply: YEAH! That looks like fun.

  • ke0vin

    Looks, ok, more doom generation than videodrome for me and I’m not saying that in a positive sense.

    There seems like a distinct lack of polish with its imagery and execution, I can see some Jorodowsky meets Kenneth Anger, but not as good as either, and I can almost see some of Pippilotti Rist’s video art, but also, not as good…

    Will definitely give it a go, but some of the trailer looked a bit forced.

    If it likens itself or adheres to araki’s style of film making (where it’s as great as it is flawed, placing it in an uncomfortable position of inhabiting equal territory on the good and bad scale) I’ll be relatively pleased to watch, but somewhat disappointed, but imagine it will have some real impressive and unique ideas and techniques that will no doubt inspire someone else, securing its relevance.

    All that aside, it looks almost too unrestrained, where it appears to be reveling in the initial frenzy of the creative process and firmly planting itself there, I worry the director didn’t take the time to sit back, reexamine, and edit down ideas early enough, which is as wonderful a way to find new ideas as it is the way you paint yourself into a corner.

    That said, I’m willing to bet it’s going to have some real creative scenes, and sadly, from the trailer, some relatively trite and or hackneyed scenes… The colored rice Krispy treat close up smile/grimace felt immediately dated.

    Obviously too early to critique in any real way, looks somewhat promising.

    • Marla

      I was going to say this looks like a Doom Generation rip off. Its Araki with more superfluous camera angels. Think I’ll pass on this one, too.

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