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Live Action ‘Scooby Doo’ Origin Film Will See ‘Daphne and Velma’ Battle Zombies!

We didn’t even realize we needed this until now.

From Variety today, Sarah Jeffery (“Shades of Blue”) and Sarah Gilman (“Last Man Standing”) have been cast to play two iconic characters in next year’s Daphe and Velma, a live-action feature film that tells the story of Daphne Blake and Velma Dinkley before they team up with Scooby and the rest of the Mystery Inc. gang!

“The mystery-solving teens are best friends but have only met online — until Daphne transfers to Velma’s school, Ridge Valley High, stocked with high-tech gadgetry by the school’s benefactor, tech billionaire Tobias Bloom. While their peers vie for a coveted internship at Bloom’s company, Daphne and Velma try to uncover the reason why the school’s brightest students are disappearing — only to emerge again in a zombie-fied state.”

Daphne and Velma is already filming, with a 2018 release planned.

The film is being produced by Jennifer and Ashley Tisdale’s Blondie Girl Productions and Warner Bros. Television Group’s Blue Ribbon Content digital studio.



  • Silhouetters


    • Doctor Dementor


  • So is this a tv movie?
    Anyway, first of all, i don’t wanna get all the feminist hate, but we DON’T really need a “Scooby doo prequel” with only the female part of the gang like WTF, second we DON’T need a “Scooby doo prequel” at all. I wanna see Scoob and the gang investigate about some monsters n shit! Not this c’mon!
    I thought this propriety was still valuable, specially after the good income from movies like The Smurfs and Goosebumps.
    I don’t get it, who the fuck at WB thought this was a good idea?
    Fuck you.

    • biff

      You’re forgetting about the potential, here. Picture it — Daphne and Velma, desperately hiding together in some beaker-filled closet in some laboratory after narrowly escaping being seen. Daphne nervously clasps Velma’s hand in the darkness, they feel each other’s breath on their faces…

      • And they make out wildly

        • Simon Allen

          And then Velma loses her glasses of course !!!

  • Grimphantom

    Wait wha…..
    Who’s playing who? Both kinda feel they will play Velma. Also, isn’t warner bros. working on an animated movie of Scooby Doo? I kinda doubt we see this in the movie
    I feel Warner Bros. are trying what Sony failed and still doing with the Black Cat and Silver Sable movie, now they want to do their own but it’s so dumb there’s no point of making it.

  • Laura Kinney (X-23)

    *Cues The Walking Dead theme. Just kidding, I’ll check it out!!

  • Doctor Dementor


  • Tyler McPherson

    I don’t see how this will be good at all honestly. I’m not against it per-se, but I just don’t see how this will both work and be entertaining, especially to Scooby-Doo fans. Seems like we have officially run out of ideas for movies/horror movies.

  • DC_Fan38

    Oy vey…

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    what a nonsensical idea

  • This sounds ridiculous but I am so here for cute girls solving mysteries and fighting zombies. SO HERE.

  • REC03

    I mean i like the idea of this but this sounds like its not going to theaters to me…..

  • Evan3

    I just… I just can’t you guys. Terrible!

  • Munchie Strikes Back

    We didn’t realize we needed it because we don’t.

  • Simon Allen

    Boooooooooo !!!! These meddling girls ! This sounds like straight to cable rubbish .
    I admit to having a soft spot for the first 2 movies . I loved the casting and the production design on the second one is just awesome .
    Just Re-boot Scooby (which I thought they were doing) because we don’t need this (but I ain’t saying I won’t watch it ) .

    • J Jett

      well the zombies would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids! 🙂

      • Simon Allen

        And it’s not gonna be actual Zombies …’s gonna turn out to be Old Man Wickles in a mask !!

    • Evan3

      If you watch it, there’s nobody to blame for this but yourself.

      • Simon Allen

        I’m pretty sure it ain’t my fault ! 🙂

        • Evan3

          I’m pretty sure I just read a press release that said “Daphne/Vilma movie produced solely to please Simon Allen”

          • Simon Allen

            Well i hope i’m invited to the test screening then …..i will have a few things to say !!

  • This must be a joke, a Scooby Doo movie without Scooby.
    I’ll be honest, they’re doing this just because it’s good to have movies with women as main characters in nowadays.

  • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

    This has already been made into several horror films.

  • Seal Clubber

    Man I want to see this !!! But they need Scooby ….

  • Sky Ferreira

    Why didn’t they cast Sarah Michelle Gellar as Daphne again? She still looks the same. An ageless legend.

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