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Sweet Treat to Celebrate the UK Release of ‘Better Watch Out’

I’m a sucker for promotional movie items.

With Better Watch Out getting the perfect theatrical release in the UK this Friday, an advent calendar counting down to the release has been sent out.  Along with the chocolate dispensing window, flaps comes a sinisterly stained sweater card complete with a candy cane to suck down to a sharp point for stabbing in an eye socket.

Take a look at the promo pieces below.  If you want to support festive horror you can catch the movie at the following cinemas: Odeon, Vue, Cineworld, Showcase or check your local listings.

Set in a quiet American suburb on a snowy evening on the lead up to Christmas, Ashley (Olivia DeJonge), the regular babysitter for Deandra (Virginia Madsen) and Robert Lerner (Patrick Warburton), has to defend their twelve-year-old son (Levi Miller) from strangers breaking into the house – only to discover that this is far from a normal home invasion.

Described as Home Alone meets Scream, Trace reviewed the film out of the Fantastic Fest premiere, calling it “a hilariously bonkers home invasion tale.”

“Better Watch Out provides a bonkers twist on the home invasion sub-genre that had me squealing with glee from start to finish.”

The thriller is a Storm Vision Entertainment and Best Medicine production, directed by Chris Peckover (Undocumented) and written by Zack Kahn and Peckover.



  • Nitzan Rotschild

    This movie was pretty great.

    • Angela M Campany

      —Liked it a lot too !!! —–

  • Marla

    So Home Alone meets Risky Business.

    • purplegnome

      no it isn’t wish it was it would be so much better than this,the twist totally ruins what was a half decent film

      • Marla

        I’m just going off the trailer.

        • Nitzan Rotschild

          My suggestion is to watch it with as little beforehand knowledge as possible. You’ll be pleasently surprised.

          • Marla

            I don’t have to time that I used to watch much of anything anymore so I just go off trailers. I have season 7 of Portlandia on DVD with the shrink wrap still on it.

      • david

        It would’ve been awesome if it were a gory, R rated version of Home Alone. That’s what I was expecting when I saw the movie, and I was completely misled, and extremely disappointed.

      • J Jett

        i agree. the movie starts off pretty good but once the twist happens it just completely ruins the movie. i recommend THE BABYSITTER. it’s kind of sort of similar to BETTER WATCH OUT but it’s so much better.

  • Barry El Beardo

    Been waiting for this for AGES! So happy we get it this Friday.

    Managed to avoid trailers and any real info about the film as I heard there has been a lot of spoilers going around.

    Colour me excited

    • Simon Allen

      Lets talk when you’ve seen it .

      • Barry El Beardo

        I’m so sad, I was SO disappointed 🙁

        • Simon Allen

          I did warn you babe !!!

  • Necro

    In my opinion it was pretty good, if someone asked me personally to recommend a couple of X-Mas Horror films this one wouldn’t be one that immediately came to mind.

  • The chicken man

    I disagree that the twist ruined it. I think without the twist it just would’ve been another home invasion story, that’s been done to death. Great movie!

  • sarox

    I liked the movie, it is well above average. I just couldn’t stand the main kid in it. The Babysitter is good too, but is more for teens I think.

  • Simon Allen

    I live in the UK and there are many many great movies that NEVER get a cinema release over her for example The Monster and yet this crap gets to be seen on the silver screen.
    I just don’t get the love for this movie even our highly regarded newspaper The Guardian gave it a glowing review !!

    • Barry El Beardo

      So I guess we don’t need to talk about it now XD

    • Mark

      it was a horrid movie, I don’t get the big deal with it either, the twist wasn’t that great either and it didn’t WOW me either, and as for that kid supposedly liking his babysitter the pmsl

  • Mark

    the movie was shit and the twist was beyond crap and pretty stupid…Now what would have been a lot better was if it went the way it did BUT the girl actually turn the tables on the 2 creeps after being tied in the chair she got loose they try find her and a bit of cat and mouse between them

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