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Swamp Thing and Etrigan Would’ve Headlined Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Justice League Dark’

Warner Bros. has been developing DC’s Justice League Dark for several years now, with IT director Andy Muschietti’s name recently coming up in the conversation. Previously, Doug Liman was attached. Before him, Guillermo del Toro was at the helm.

During a Reddit AMA this week, Del Toro touched upon what almost was.

It’s a WB property, I am not sure I can comment [on the project],” he noted. “Suffice to say that [Etrigan the] Demon or Swamp Thing mean to me what Batman and Superman mean to most mortals – perhaps even more. [Swamp Thing]/Abigal [Arcane] love [story] was a great source of inspiration for me.”

Justice League Dark, like Suicide Squad, is set to embark DC villains on a hero’s journey.

At this time, Del Toro is no longer attached in any capacity.



  • I like Guillermo del Toro’s work, i really do. BUT i couldn’t care less about another of his failed projects. I just think it’s pretty pointless. He could have saved DC or the Dark Universe but he didn’t so pls, stop.

    • This film has too much pontential for WB to just drop it, IMHO

    • Necro

      I gotta say I agree with you on this one Fede! As much as I appreciate any type of Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy news, this past tense thing with Del Toro is played out!

    • Baron Tentecula

      After getting blue-balled for years with his potential “Mountains of Madness” and ” Black Lagoon” movies I can say the shine has worn as well. All we got is “Creature” lite.

  • It’s a damn shame that Del Toro didn’t get to make this film, as that would have been something special. Still, I’m looking forward to how this film turns out for the simple prospect of seeing all of the Vertigo characters on the big screen together. John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Etrigan, Zatanna, ETC. Now if we can get that Neil Gaiman’s Sandman movie.

  • Creepshow

    I don’t call people or things “pieces of shit” anymore. Now I just say…
    “You’re a Justice League!”.

  • Bart Crowe

    Del Toro given a big budget DC superhero movie seemed like a stretch even when it was announced. WB is apparently very annoying about focus testing and studio notes after all the bad reviews that Batman V Superman got despite it making money. No way Del Toro was going to work in that environment and no way WB was going to be hands off despite Del Toro having made 3 excellent comic book movies.

  • Necro


    • The movie is still in development from Warner Brothers. Guillermo Del Toro is just no longer involved; it hasn’t been cancelled.


    Couldn’t they just let him make a Swamp Thing movie that isn’t connected to this whole DC universe? It’s not like that’s even working out for them anyway.

  • DoopGremlin

    This really should have happened.

    • It still is happening, just not with Del Toro. And as unfortunate as that is, remember that Del Toro didn’t create these characters, nor does he own any claim to them. These characters coming to the big screen is still something to look forward to, even if it’s a damn shame that Del Toro isn’t involved.

      • Simon Allen

        Major shake-up at WB/DC announced today in the trades ….no it seems like nothing is set in stone .

        • But it hasn’t been officially cancelled… yet. Nothing is ever set in stone until it happens.

          • Simon Allen

            Just giving u the latest .

  • SillyPeddy

    Good thing he is not doing it then. Etrigan? It would have been a big Cheeze Ball movie just like his others.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto


    • You do realise this movie is still happening, right? In fact, news has continued to drop for months now (this site just hasn’t been covering it). And really, Del Toro leaving the project is old news.

      • SillyPeddy

        Yes we all know that, I’m saying it would be cheesy if Del Toro was doing it.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    this was the perfect movie for him and it could have been great

  • Simon Allen

    The DC universe at WB is just going through a massive shake-up (reported today) because of the recent “failure” of Justice League (which I actually enjoyed although you could tell it had the hell edited out of it and should have been a longer movie) .
    So who the hell knows what’s gonna happen next ?
    The only 3 movies set in stone right now are Aquaman and Wonder Woman 2 and Matt Reeves The Batman (and the last one isn’t 100%) .

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