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Shudder’s “Unhappy Holidays” Collection Has Several December Essentials

Sit on your couch. Drink egg nog. Watch Christmas horror movies.

Earlier this week, Meagan took the time to scour Hulu, Amazon and Netflix to find the holiday horror films currently streaming on each service, letting you know that essential holiday season horror flicks such as Gremlins, Jack Frost and A Christmas Horror Story are at your disposal this year. And they’re just the beginning.

You’ll also find a handful of holiday gems over on Shudder, which just put together a special “Unhappy Holidays” collection loaded with some of the sub-genre’s best.

“Snowbound scares? It’s the reason for the season. As the holidays aarive and the temperature drops, get a different kind of chill with Shudder’s selection of holiday horror. Deck the halls in creepy cabins and sorority houses, as bad kids and worse Santas leave a whole lot of red on all that white. Outside or in, it’s all frightful.”

The collection includes wintery slasher Cold Prey alongside Xmas horror classics Christmas Evil, Black Christmas and the more recent Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale.

Also in the collection is Better Watch Out, a brand new 2017 release!



  • MaryMaria

    If you haven’t seen Rare Exports, I highly, highly recommend it. It’s tons of fun, and the short film that inspired it is also great if you check the DVD extras. The effects are iffy sometimes, but I give it a pass as the movie’s just so… fun. Gah! I’m gonna go watch it again!

  • David Nagle


  • turk

    Cold Prey (and it’s first sequel) is one of the best slashers since the ’80s. Fantastic movie. And really, all the movies in this group are pretty good.

  • Joe Smith

    All three of those are in my December Christmas Horror movie list to watch every year. Better Watch out was on, but I agree with a review that it wasnt very Christmas horror.

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