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Kevin Smith Shares First Look at Anthology ‘KillRoy Was Here’

As we recently learned, Kevin Smith has re-tooled his planned Krampus film into KillRoy Was Here, a creature feature anthology inspired by the “KilRoy Was Here” graffiti that was prominent during World War II.

The film will feature a long-nosed monster designed by Robert Kurtzman, and it began filming in Sarasota, Florida last Summer. Smith is being assisted by the students of the Ringling College of Art and Design, and filming has continued here in 2018.

On Twitter, Smith rang in 2018 with a behind the scenes photo from the KillRoy Was Here set, revealing that daughter Harley Quinn Smith is in the Creepshow-style anthology.

Check out the first look photo below.

Dude just got lost, and the next time they find him he’s just sitting there, eating babies,” Smith recently described the titular villain, a Vietnam soldier who becomes a monster, on the Edumacation podcast. Co-host Andy McElfresh chimed in, “And he becomes transformed. Before he loses all of his humanity, they try to rehabilitate him, and instead that drives him out into the wilderness, where he’s transformed into this monster.”

He’s all melted in the face, that’s what creates the long nose effect,” Smith added.

Justin Kucsulain is playing KillRoy, who will have no ears and no eyeballs in his final form.

The cast also includes Azita Ghanizada, Ryan O’Nan, Kathryn Parks, Brendan Ragen, Michael Perez and Cindy De La Cruz.



  • Baron Von Marlon

    Baby-eating Vietnam soldier turned monster? Now this is how you get people’s interest!

    • zombie84_41

      Lets hope they actually show him eatten the babies and not off camera.

      • Baron Von Marlon

        Yeah, if there’s going to be some baby eating, might as well do it right. The creature sounds outdoorsy, so he’ll probably roast them over a fire like a couple of marshmallows. The Hannibal way is more fancy, but it requires more time to prepare, you have to clean the kitchen afterwards, do the dishes,… Too much of a hassle for a soldier turned monster.

        • zombie84_41

          I was just expecting the monster to rip the head off and just spit out the bones.

          • Baron Von Marlon

            That’s a waste of baby brains.

          • Chūjitsuna Heiho

            They’re high in stem cells.

      • Chūjitsuna Heiho

        Usually they grind them into pellets. Oh wait you’re talking about fictional horror, not real-life in a certain nation with 1.,4 billion people.

        • zombie84_41


  • Josh Gastronomicon Myers

    PROTIP: Don’t mention the name Kevin Smith until the END of the sentence. That way people will at least be momemtarilly interested

    • zombie84_41

      LOL now thats what I call entertainment.

    • dsxy

      100% true!

  • Rohan

    That sounds…….. weird?

  • zombie84_41

    This sounds creepy and weird as fuck. I’m in. I hope we get some really odd off putting crazy creatures too.

    • Necro

      I’m going to assume you like his film ‘Tusk’?

      • zombie84_41

        yeah I really dug that one alot. Hated, and I mean truly hated that last one he did that movie was a piece of shit. Yoga Housers it was awful.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    Harley Quinn Smith lol that is awesome, now, i hope he makes a good movie for a change

  • Cory Smith

    If Kevin Smith fails with this as he did in a row with Cop Out, Red State (which I kind of thought was getting good till it fucked itself up), Tusk, and Yoga Hosers I will make it my life mission to find and fuck his daughter out of revenge.

    • I’ll help you. I mean the finding and fucking thing.

      • Cory Smith

        Truly appreciate it. Revenge and Justice must be served if this movie fails.

        • chuck

          Don’t hold back, tell us how you two TRULY feel……

    • MrX13

      I don’t even think she is worth the f**k

      • Cory Smith

        Oh I have seen some of her pictures online and she definitely got some good genes from her mother, who was Missy in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. But she certainly wouldn’t be worth the fuck if she was the same weight as her father.

        • MrX13

          Yikes, I just looked up “Missy”, Smith’s wife and not pretty at all either, ewww! Yeah, you go ahead with that

          • Cory Smith

            I’ll take my chances like a monk on fire.

    • lonestarr357

      His filmmaking career jumped the shark, to be sure, but wow, too far.

  • Kevin Smith died a loooong time ago.

  • He called his daughter Harley Quinn Smith?


  • Cody Briscoe

    Aww he still thinks people want to see what he creates… that’s adorable.

  • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

    Sounds bonkers, which translates as good in my book.

    • baronterror

      same. Looking forward to this.

  • Necro

    Kathryn Parks? Is she any relation to Michael Parks, cuz I know Kevin was a big fan of his.

    • GinsuVictim

      No, she is a Florida-based actress.

      • Necro

        Ok thanks!

  • baronterror

    I love Krampus insanely and have been so happy to see Americans finally begin to embrace him, or at least know who and what he is. I am disapointed in losing a Krampus movie BUT I also have always loved the entire “Killroy Was Here” phenomena and am excited to see this done. I still draw those things everywhere I go and am happy to have something add to the mythology.

    • MrX13

      I used to draw that all the time when I was a kid but never knew it had a name to it or knew where it came from until now. I just thought it was cute to draw…haha

  • Papa_spoosh

    who is funding these movies? And I guess more importantly, why?


      I was wondering the same thing about Adam Sandler movies the other day . . . Money laundering maybe?

      • Chūjitsuna Heiho


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