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‘Insidious: The Last Key’ Home Video Release Will Have Deleted Scenes

Like many films over the years, Insidious: The Last Key is the latest to feature attention grabbing scenes in the trailer… that don’t actually appear in the movie itself.

Often, early movie trailers are cut together before the final cut is even finished, which is why you’ll sometimes see something cool in a trailer that is subsequently removed from the film. There are a small handful of moments in The Last Key‘s first trailer that didn’t make the final cut, but there’s one missing scene that really stands out from the pack.

In the trailer, Elise goes “deeper into The Further,” encountering a handful of creepy-looking oddities housed inside of jail cells. This scene, which many sites – including this one – screen-grabbed for their coverage of the trailer, unfortunately didn’t make the final cut… but director Adam Robitel promises that you’ll be able to see it later this year.

A fan tweeted Robitel over the weekend, “Are all of the scenes in the trailer that were promisingly advertised but nowhere to be found in THE LAST KEY going to be on the Blu-ray???” Robitel replied, “Yes, they will. For pacing purposes they were removed… as sad as it made me.”

For now, Insidious: The Last Key continues to kick ass at the box office, pulling in $50 million worldwide thus far. It’ll arrive on DVD/Blu-ray later this year.



  • Bart Crowe

    A home release of a movie having deleted scenes? Well shut my door and call me a slap happy pappy!!! Wow! Will it have trailers too? What about a commentary? What about a making of featurette? Man that is flipping amazing that a home release of a movie would have standard features that just about every movie has since DVDs became a thing!

    • John Squires

      The reason we wrote this article is because many have been asking about the scenes from the trailer – particularly the one featured in our header image – that weren’t actually in the movie itself. Just doing our best to answer questions we get and keep you guys informed.

      • Bart Crowe

        can’t resist but all in good fun: Well poke out one of my eyes and call me Peter Falk! A movie trailer containing a scene that isn’t in the theatrical release?

    • Khy

      “Well shut my door and call me a slap happy pappy.”


  • Creepshow

    They should have deleted every scene with those unfunny assholes, Specs & Pig Fucker. I now officially hate those retards.

    • DukeStKing

      Sometimes, less is more. Or dead is better.

    • Khy

      I hated them. They definitely ruined most of the movie for me. This should have been Elise’s solo movie. I dread seeing those two idiots back for 5…blah

      Whannell should stay behind the camera.

      • Creepshow

        It’s early in 2018, but Leigh Whannell is on the top of my list of “People who need to be punched in the face for being a fucking tool bag.” I’m sure others will take his spot and bump him down the list in the upcoming year. But that motherfucker is gonna at least get an unsuspecting ball-tag for being so stupidly unfunny.

  • The girl is a pretty famous model, Melanie Gaydos!

  • Necro

    I’m always glad to hear about financial success with Horror films, but is this film any good?

    • Khy

      That’s a difficult question lol. I enjoyed it but I also went in with super low expectations. The writing is terrible but Lin Shay is a true gem.
      I believe it’ll grow on me with future watches.

      I still look forward to a 5th movie but they are definitely going to have to really go for the gold with it. Leigh Whannell’s scripts are getting lazy. He’s too focused on coming up with corny jokes for his character.

      • Necro

        It’s about what I honestly expected to hear, I’m still going to see it for myself, but ok Thanks Khy!

    • Jose Ortiz

      it was okay , still the weakest one out of all of em.

      • Necro

        Just to reiterate, even weaker than ‘Chapter 2’?

        • Jose Ortiz

          yeah but who knows yu might like it . personally it was a big let down

          • Necro

            Yeah there’s always that

  • Dayglo

    Of the “Insidious” series, even the weaker entries were fun. “The Last Key” is no fun. Just a lot of dry ice and a handful of recycled jump scares. Nothing to see here.

  • Fred Hopkins

    You can thank the parents of this new generation for the removal of this character. How insensitive to show a ghost with a cleft palate. What’s next? Albinos as bad guys?

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