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‘Living Among Us’ Trailer Teases Vampires Next Door

Brian A. Metcalf’s found footage Living Among Us documents a family of vampires. We have an exclusive look at the poster that heds into a vampire family’s home, teasing they’re no ordinary neighbors. Vision Films will release the indie theatrically and day and date on VOD on February 2, 2018.

The cast is impressive, including William Sadler (Demon Knight, Iron Man 3, The Shawshank Redemption, Die Hard 2) and Primetime Emmy nominee John Heard (Home Alone, Big, Runner Runner), as well as James Russo (Public Enemies, Donnie Brasco, Django Unchained), Esmé Bianco (Game of Thrones), Andrew Keegan (10 things I Hate About You, O, Independence Day) and Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie, Rules of Attraction).

Living Among Us follows a documentary crew sent in to interview a family of vampires whose existence has been made known to the world. But soon, the crew realizes their very lives are in danger as they uncover a deadly secret and must fight for survival.“

We’re told that Sadler is set to play the role of Samuel, the sect leader who arranges for the camera crew to interview the family. Heard will play Andrew, the head of the family who is being interviewed and Bianco will play Elleanor, the wife of Andrew. Russo will be Aaron, the station manager. Keegan will take on the role of Blake, the immorally sadistic and sociopathic vampire and family member while Nicholas will play Mike, the camera crew’s interviewer.



  • Saturn

    Hmmmm, kinda looks crappy and good at the same time.

    • chronikheckler

      The quality of acting appears to fluctuate noticeably from scene-to-scene. Nothing more than what it is: A VOD entry.

  • Rocky Rhoad Pictures

    Hmm… Kind of sounds familiar… Where have I heard about a camera crew documenting vampires before that live together… Oh I don’t know… COUGH! (WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS) COUGH (RIP OFF)

    • Amy Radkins

      Hmmm… Living Among Us was announced back in 2103 as What We Do in the Shadows was 2015!!! Who copied who, Rocky Rhoad:

      • Joe Smith

        WWDITS was shown at Sundance in Jan 2014. They were both probably coincidently being written at the same time, probably by another movie/show that gave them the idea.

        • Amy Radkins

          I read an early interview that said the writer was trying to get it off the ground back in 2009. In either case, this project was announced before WWDITS ever screened anywhere publicly and it looks nothing like that film so it’s clearly not a ripoff

          • Saturn

            Indeed, similar themes with a film crew documenting vampires, but this one looks to play it deadly straight whereas W.W.D.I.T.S. was a laugh riot.
            They can co-exist – hell, who knows, perhaps yet another cross-over could deal with the Shadow’s guys meeting up with the Living guys and have a movie dealing with the clash of ideologies. The Shadows guys can be the guys who don’t take things too seriously, where-as the Living guys can be “dude – wtf!” and be deadly serious, with hilarious ramifications for the horror genre itself!

            It won’t happen though. Except in my fevered nightmares…..

      • Saturn

        Back in 2103?
        Holy shit, my time travel experiments have worked!


      • Rocky Rhoad Pictures

        it may have been announced in 2013 but What we Do in the shadows was released in 2015. That’s released, not made, seriously. Living Among Us is a blatant rip off

    • Drool Bear

      I believe there is even another film before both of them called Vampires (2010). About a Belgium family who invites a camera crew in to film their lives.

      • Amy Radkins

        Never heard of it but I’ll refer back to hearing about the writer mentioning wanting to do this back in 2009, but the issue is movies take forever to get financing and talent in place. But are there really any original ideas left of any kind that another movie hasn’t done?

        • Drool Bear

          There are clips of it on YouTube and Wikipedia. But yeah there is so little now that is original.

        • Saturn

          I’m making a film about a masked psycho who returns home to kill some babysitters on Halloween.
          Some will say that I’m ripping off John Carpenter, but I’ve been planning it since 1975! Honest guv.

  • Necro

    Naturally I’ll give it a watch

  • RedNeoCon

    RIP JOHN HEARD!!!!!!

  • Rocky

    Hope it’s not like that boring piece of shit A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT MIDNIGHT

  • Nash Bennett

    I’m very tired of trailers becoming total spoilerfests by Showing us the entire plot all the way through three quarters of the damn climax. I’m also tired of filmmakers feeling the need to “amp up the action” for the finale, going from a great premise and transforming it by the end into an over the top pseudo action thriller Hollywood shit show.

    • Amy Radkins

      I agree, but that trailers are more to blame on the marketing teams since they want to sell the movies. Also, you are in the minority for the finale part as more audiences will complain if there isn’t a huge finale of some sort. But not saying I agree with them.

  • Satanzilla

    Thank god the neglected genre of vampire movies is finally being explored. We zombie fans can find encouragement in this and hope someday for a zombie picture as well.

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