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‘Scream’ Writer Kevin Williamson and Miramax Partner to Develop Genre Films

Visions of ’90s horror are dancing in our heads.

You could say that Kevin Williamson (along with Wes Craven, of course) redefined the horror genre in the late ’90s, penning the game-changing Scream and following it up with I Know What You Did Last Summer; for better or worse, that one-two punch ushered in a wave of teen slasher films in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

Williamson subsequently wrote Scream 2, The Faculty and Scream 4, and he’s mostly been playing around on the small screen in more recent years. But Williamson is set to make his return to the genre film arena, as Deadline reports tonight that Miramax has signed Williamson to a new first-look deal to develop “elevated genre film content.”

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Bill Block and to be back in the feature space working with new filmmakers in the genre I love so much,” said Williamson.

The deal reflects Miramax’s desire to reinvigorate their genre slate. Needless to say, Williamson has a history of doing precisely that within the genre space.



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