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Sons of Balaur Are Desperate and “Van Helsing Must Die”! (Premiere)

We’ve teamed up with Oslo, Norway black metal supergroup Sons of Balaur to bring you the exclusive first listen to the track “Van Helsing Must Die”, which I felt was an extremely appropriate and relevant track for a multitude of reasons. The song, which comes from the band’s upcoming album Tenebris Deos, is a viciously fierce yet highly entertaining slice of kvlt black metal and it’s plainly obvious that these guys are highly talented metalheads who share a passion for horror. I’d be all about cracking a beer (or ten) with these fine gentlemen!

Here’s where things get really fun: The members of the band are actually characters in a comic series called Realm of the Damned, which is a post-apocalyptic story about a descendent of, you guessed it, Abraham Van Helsing, who must take up arms against the forces of evil after an ancient foe awakens in the depths of the forests of Norway. I’m guessing you can put two and two together and figure out who that evil is, yes?

Tenebris Deos marks the band’s return to the metal world. It was 15 years ago that we last heard from them, so their reappearance is very much something of import! The band elect to keep their identities secret, giving only their first names and roles: Tomas (vocals, guitar), Markus (bass), Kristoffer (guitar), and Lars (drums).

You can pre-order Tenebris Deos, which comes out October 14th, via Season of Mist.

Tomas tells Bloody-Disgusting:

‘Van Helsing Must Die’ is an all out black thrash statement of intent, un-pure and simple. I mean who could confuse the intent? That scum is a murderous cunt! A weak, over the hill blood junky clinging onto the past as if anything he does makes the slightest difference to our en-darkened new world of blood and ash… and now I hear he is in league or done some deal with The New Congregation and is attempting to bring about the end of our great Lord Balaur? HIM!?! Hahaha… it would be a favour to put that old ass hole out of his misery but I can assure you WHEN it happens it won’t be quick. So raise your fists, scream until your bloody throats burst and join with us… ‘VAN HELSING MUST DIE!’

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