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Bill Moseley Botched Everything Up in Child Bite’s “Vermin Mentality” (Exclusive)



Alright folk, we’ve got a good one here for you today! We’ve teamed up with Detroit noise rockers Child Bite to bring you the music video premiere for “Vermin Mentality”, which stars none other than Bill Moseley of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II and The Devil’s Rejects fame! The track comes from the band’s latest album Negative Noise, which you can snag via iTunes or through Housecore Records.

The video, which was written and directed by Ryan Oliver, shows Moseley as a bumbling scientist who fails to properly inject and monitor a few laboratory rats. Thinking them dead, he throws them in the garbage where they are then taken to a large dumpster. It is there that they suddenly grow to vast sizes, escape their stinky confines, and begin terrorizing the band, who have stopped in the alley behind the lab to gather their bearings.

Look, this is as outrageous as it sounds but it’s a lot of fun and there was clearly some effort put into this. The miniatures look damn good and even the shots of the band interacting with the gargantuan rats aren’t half bad. But most importantly, it’s obvious that everyone had a blast working on this and that translates into a viewing experience that is just as entertaining. I love this video and I hope you all love it too!

Oh, and not only do we have the video for you to check out but we’ve also got an interview with Bill himself! It’s all below so scroll on down and enjoy this smorgasbord of B-horror!


The band tells BD:

We consider ourselves very lucky to have snagged Ryan Oliver for our latest music video. We were familiar with his short films “Restoration” and “Air Conditions” since they had screened at the Housecore Horror Film Fest. He had seen our previous videos, including “Ancestral Ooze” (featuring King Buzzo from the Melvins), and was up for the task of dumping countless hours & buckets of elbow grease into this ambitious masterwork.

We gave him a heads up just one week before we were booked to play in Chicago, and in that time Ryan and his crew had created everything needed for the van sequence. This included a giant rat costume with functioning jaw and red glowing eyes as well as all of the weaponry needed to combat the rodent horde. The second shoot, which took place a couple months later out in LA, involved a fully outfitted science lab and several rats, both real and artificial. This location was selected since we had Bill Moseley (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2, The Devils Rejects, etc) officially on board to play our lead lab tech. During the months before and after the LA shoot, Ryan and his team were busy building a complete miniature set at his Chicago-based effects studio, The Rot Shop. Once that elaborate miniature set was ready, they proceeded with the third and final shoot; real rats in tiny Chicago. In the end, we couldn’t be more thrilled with how it all turned out and are anxious to see what Ryan does next!

Bill Moseley

Your enthusiasm when it comes to horror is second-to-none, in my opinion. What draws you to all these various projects and what appealed to you about being in Child Bite’s video?

Love horror, first & foremost, but as Choptop (from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) says: “Music is my life!” I first saw Child Bite onstage down in San Antonio, TX, last year at the Housecore Horror & Music festival, and they really sunk their teeth into me! Went right to the merch table after their show and bought some vinyl. Loved the cover art, by the way. Been pals with Phil Anselmo for years now, and that guy’s got great taste in music and bands. Child Bite fits right into the Housecore rubric (haha, not sure what that word means, but it somehow fits). When I got the call to appear in a Child Bite video, replete with rats and gorgeous girls and a chance to wear a lab jacket, well, it was a real no-brainer!

You’re known not only for being a horror icon but also for your musical endeavors. I know that Cornbugs hasn’t released anything since 2007 but are there any plans for you yourself to release something music-related any time soon?

Thanks for asking about my music. Yes, late great Cornbugs, starring the one & only Buckethead, hit the windshield in 2007 after 10 long years and 6 great CDs. After that, as Spider Mountain, I teamed up with Rani Sharone of Stolen Babies for an album called No Way Down. I’ve done work with bands like Necrophagia, Sinnergod, Generichrist, Combichrist and my “Repo!” buddy, Ohgr (Devils in my Details), but the big news is my collaboration with Phil Anselmo that drops in December (’16)! It’s an EP (6 songs) aptly titled “Bill & Phil: Songs of Darkness & Despair,” and like Child Bite and a host of other great bands, it’ll be coming to you on the Housecore label.

Just recently, there was a trending hashtag on Twitter asking people for three albums that changed their life. What are three that you can think of and why?

Fall of ’65 (?), I’d just returned to my hometown of Barrington, Illinois, from a summer job on the HF Bar Ranch in Saddlestring, Wyoming. I had some $ in my pocket, and I went into Jacobsen’s Gift Shop to buy a little vinyl for my brand new KLH Model 11 record player. That day, for $2.99 each, I bought The Doors first album (loved Light My Fire), Are You Experienced? (based solely on the cover art. I’d never heard of Jimi Hendrix) and Get Together by the Youngbloods. I remember buying Spirit’s first album based on cover art a little later, and I vividly remember, the day it came out, buying the Beatle’s Sergeant Pepper LP in the Reading, Pennsylvania, train station! I know that’s 5 albums, but I’m drinking black coffee, so what the hell, they all still mean a lot to me.

Looking back on your career, are there any particular roles that you feel especially proud of or that you feel were ones that stood out?

Certainly Chop from Chainsaw 2 and Otis Driftwood from House of 1000 Corpses & The Devil’s Rejects were highlights of my acting career, but I’m proud, too, of Luigi Largo in Darren Bousman’s “Repo! the Genetic Opera” and shock jock Logan Burnhardt in Corbin Bernsen’s “Dead Air.”

What else is coming up in your future? What should us horror fans know about?

As Captain Beefheart sings, “The past sure is tense!” So the future’s gotta be bright, right? I’ve got a few films in the can awaiting distribution, such as Christopher Lee Sun’s Aussie creature feature “Boar,” Dom Franklin’s “The Church,” “American Exorcist,” “The Possession Experiment,” and “Dark Roads ’79.” I’ll be suiting up as a scary clown in the upcoming “Crepitus,” and I recently worked with director Joe Lynch on a YouTube original series called “12 Deadly Days of Christmas,” pant pant. Oh, and I have a few horror conventions upcoming, from Chicago to Worcester to Knoxville to Dusseldorf! Water’s fine, folks, jump on in!

Child Bite online:
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Tour dates:
10/29/16 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean w/ Bear Vs Shark
10/30/16 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean w/ Bear Vs Shark
11/04/16 Detroit, MI @ No Rest Fest 4 w/ The Armed, many more
11/05/16 Port Huron, MI @ Loud Records w/ Lume
11/06/16 Pittsburgh, PA @ Pittsburgh Brewtal Beer Fest