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A Perfect Circle to Rejoin For 2017 Tour Dates and Possibly Release Some New Music

Alt-rock band A Perfect Circle will go on tour in 2017, according to guitarist/songwriter Billy Howerdel and vocalist Maynard James Keenan. The information, which comes from The Pulse of Radio (via Blabbermouth), was revealed on Monday night when Howerdel moderated a Q&A session with Keenan, who is currently doing a tour for his book “A Perfect Union Of Contrary Things“. The only confirmed tour date that was given was May 7th at the Hollywood Bowl. The last time the band performed live was in 2013.

Both Howerdel and Keenan also confirmed that new music is in the works, although they didn’t state whether it’d be a full album or if it’d be another situation like 2013’s Three Sixty, which gave audiences the new track “By and Down” in a collection of live tracks.

I’m not sure what this says about the progress or status of a new Tool album but it’s been so long waiting on that release that I’m not exactly holding my breath anymore.




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