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Dead Cross’ Music Video for “Church of the Motherfuckers” Gives Birth to a Priest-led Fight Club

Dead Cross debut a visual rebuke of organized religion in the band’s video for “Church of the Motherfuckers”, off their self-titled album released this past Augusut.

“We are not capable of understanding aspects of molecular genetics, let alone the universe,” said bass player Justin Pearson of the Michael Panduro-directed clip. “I’d rather not fill in the blanks with outlandish oppressive morals, offensive social politics, and patriarchal garbage. In the year 2017 AD some humans still think there is a god.”

The band, which includes Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer/Suicidal Tendencies), the aforementioned Justin Pearson (Retox/The Locust), Mike Patton (Faith No More/Tomahawk) and Michael Crain (Retox, Festival of Dead Deer), recently announced they’ll head to Europe next summer, already confirming a June 17 performance at Download Paris. More dates will be announced soon.

The video, below, goes full horror while mixing in a priest-led fight club.



  • zombie84_41

    that was fucking awesome

  • I Am Colossus

    Hey a little cameo from a chicken….callback to obedience school

  • Jasonbry01

    Ah, yes, having morals is bad, and oppressive. Fuck morals, murder, theft and rape should all be allowed. I get why people don’t believe in God, hell I struggle with what I think when it comes to a higher power. I get why people think the Bible is full of fairy tales, they are hard to believe. But we are now at the point where we question morals? Really? No such thing as absolute truths any more. You know, murder, bad, rape, bad, evil shit. One can not deny that religion, Christianity in particular, help shape the laws of the West, and to its benefit.

    • Colin Christian

      Lol! Christianity gave the world morals? You should read history,the Greeks had a thing or two to say about that,as well as visible altruism in apes. I’m not denying the importance of religion in history,just your claim it provided our morals,it certainly did a lousy job with greed,just watch any evangelical show or sermon,Jesus would be pissed.

      • Jasonbry01

        You are correct, some Churches differently bastardize Jesus’ teaching and go against their own “gospel”(I think that is the right phrase?) I don’t claim to know that religion gave larger societies morals. There is evidence to prove both arguments, that before religion, once communities got big they had a hard time trusting one another. I’m not speaking solely of Christianity, but the institution of religion period.

        Their are arguments for both the good and harm it has done. Ben Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, makes a compelling argument of the importance that both science of Athens and religion from Jerusalem are both key pillars of Western Society. They both have an important balance. That one fails without the other. It is a fascinating argument.

        I find that both atheists and intellectual theologians both have good points. I feel I am a rational person who can objectively look at evidence that can change my views. If I see evidence ore hear a point that disproves something I believe to be true, that just like any reasonable person, I can be swayed to change what I think or believe. I am philosophically skeptical. That said, I have heard great points from both side. Sargon of Akkad, Ben Shapiro, Hugh Hewitt, Dr Edward Feser, Jordan Peterson, all are intellectual and careful thinkers from all ends of the spectrum that make great points. Sam Harris is a joke though. I don’t know how he has fooled so many people into thinking he is just the bee’s knees. I take all of this stuff in and try to think critically and carefully about it.

        Many practicing Christians and Jews as we as leaders in both faith misunderstand the meaning of religion, as though questioning God and faith is not allowed. Isreal translated can mean God Contended or Wrestles With God. It is normal to question and challenge your beliefs, and if there truly is a Good who knows we are not perfect would accept this and love us regardless, which is why Jesus, the perfect human, died for our sins. I did say I am philosophically skeptical, so I don’t believe this wholesale, but it makes semse more than “God loves you even though you are a sinner, but question him and you go to hell!” It is entirely reasonable for an atheist to see this as the Church using this as an oppressive form of control, because I am not an atheist and i believe that is what it is.

        You check out the segment I mentioned from Shapiro on Athens and Jerusalem. Very fascinating.

        It was good talking to you, sorry that I was vague with my first comment and thank you for not being a jerk because I was lazy in making my case. I enjoy looking at the topic through both the lense of a skeptic and a believer, because I fall somewhere in the middle. I enjoy healthy conversation and debate and it rare to find people who like the same. Most people are just nasty because they have the ability to post anonymously and they are just full of bile. They would not talk they way they do to someone directly. Since people do not have to see or hear people’s reactions, they don’t care if they day awful and vile things.

  • bigval

    Since the effective demise of Fantomas (every horror fan should own their The Director’s Cut album) I honestly didn’t think Mike Patton would ever do another ‘extreme’ band project so I was pleasantly surprised when he joined Dead Cross. It’s not Fantomas but it’s pretty awesome in it’s own right.

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