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Dark Synth Act Priest Just Released Their Debut Record ‘New Flesh’

Priest’s debut album New Flesh is out now on vinyl, CD and digital formats courtesy of Lovely Records!

The debut album from Priest hits physical formats today — it’s been streaming for a while — and it’s well worth a listen. I listened to hit a few weeks back and I just kept it on repeat for days. Fans of dark new wave from the 80’s are sure to connect with the synth heavy sounds of Priest. To get a little taste of what Priest brings to the table check out the official video for their song “The Cross.”

With a mechanical sound, futuristic melodies and a masterful voice, Priest have seduced listeners all over the planet since their first single was released in March of this year. New Flesh contains 10 tracks that sound like when 1982 imagines how 2019 should sound like. The retro soundscapes contain everything from symmetric star prisms, to burning escapes from the darkness, and everywhere in between. The Swedish electronic scene is now hotter than ever and this album is proof of its sustainability.

Order the CD or LP HERE.

Stream the full album HERE.



  • Necro

    Not really my thing, but I dig the mask though.

    • HeWaTcHeSnOeYeS

      Same, I love bdsm :3

  • Marla

    Generic synth corporate rock brought to you courtesy of Autotune.

  • suckit15694

    when will it be someone dressed as a muslim cleric?

    • Dani Rooney

      fuck off

      • suckit15694

        just a question ? A very logical one . No reason to be so angry . Why the anger anyway ? Why are people so obsessed with the Christian religion ? Because it made people do and say crazy thing that went against the norm of the time it was created ?

        • Dani Rooney

          lmao wut. all religion sucks but islam is a particularly FUCKED religion. and not a very aesthetic one at that lol

          • suckit15694

            aesthetic ? So its all about the look? Your missing my point . There are christians being killed for believing in something . Is that right ? Do you think that is right ? That someone should suffer because of what they believe ? Should something be mocked that people are being killed for in other parts of the world? Is it cool ? It looks cool ? Grow up man . Respect should be given to all religion . You will learn maybe someday that someone should not be persecuted for what they believe . This guy dressed as a priest is adding towards the hate of a religion and mocking everyone who believes . The reason I sadi that about a cleric is because people are afraid of doing that because it might have consequences they are not prepared to deal with. Its easy to pick on someone who will not take any action. Its called be a bully .

  • jose ramirez

    I had no idea what dark synth is, now that I know I’ll be sure to stay far away from it.

  • suckit15694

    when will it be someone dressed as a muslim cleric? that would be original at least

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