Sitges: First International Poster For Vertigo Films’ ‘WAZ’

Today the first international poster was revealed for Tom Shankland’s WAZ, which is still looking for a release next year here in the States. Well worn by years of gangland brutality, veteran Detective Eddie Argo (Skarsgard) prides himself on playing by the book. However, loyalties wane as he and his new rookie partner Helen O’Mara (George) find themselves entangled in a string of violent and horrific killings that are targeting a notorious local gang–forcing Argo to revisit a case he would rather forget. In the midst of mounting terror, the calculating killer stays focused on the ultimate goal– coerce Argo to pay for his previous mistakes and answer the ultimate question…would you kill the one you love to save yourself from death?

Poster from Cartels de Cine:

Source: Cartels de Cine