’30 Days of Night’ Sequel Talk, Raimi Originally to Direct?!

The wait is almost over as Columbia Pictures is ready to release the Steve Niles comic book adaptation 30 Days of Night in theaters next Friday. As the release looms closer and anticipation builds one thing that always comes to mind it, `will there be a sequel?’ Of course nothing is set in stone, unless the film is a success. Things are looking good thus far, so who knows what the future brings? Either way we had the chance to talk to Director David Slade, along with a few stars from the film, who all had something to say about the franchise continuing on. In addition, there’s an interesting bit about who almost directed 30 DAYS.

There was a lot of sequel talk going on today in New York as B-D chatted with some of the cast and Director David Slade about the forthcoming release of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. One actor in particular is DYING to strap back on her boots and winter jacket.

Melissa George tells Bloody-Disgusting that she’s dying to return in a sequel to 30 DAYS if it were to ever happen, but not just because she wants to star again but also because she wants a new hairdo, “I would absolutely return… I wanna get a Mohawk! I’ve never had one and would love it,” she continues, “I read the sequel graphic novel, it was brilliant.

As for David Slade returning she wasn’t sure, but exclaimed, “He HAS to do the next one! I’m not sure if he will or even if there will be a next one.” As for director David Slade he seems a little more optimistic. He tells us that if he were to direct a sequel they would have to find a way to make it a lot less talky than the graphic novels. So assuming all goes well we might be seeing Slade return for more vampire action.

In addition, we learned some really interesting news from Slade regarding early directorial choices. “I really liked Steve’s [Niles] script a lot even though he was only on issue #2 [comic book] when he wrote it,” he continues, “At this point Sam Raimi was looking to direct it…. Lucky me!” – Mr. Disgusting

30 DAYS OF NIGHT hits theaters everywhere on October 19.