Dimension Films Casts Up Both ‘Pulse’ Sequels

Today a whole bunch of casting news was discovered for both of Dimension Films’ direct-to-video Pulse sequels. Noureen DeWulf (Ocean’s Thirteen), Jamie Bamber, Laura Cayouette (Flight of the Living Dead), Karley Scott Collins (Amusement), Georgina Rylance (The Prophecy: Uprising), Kent Jude Bernard and Robin McGee are all set to star in Pulse 2: Invasion, according to the IMDB, while Moviehole.net reports that Rider Strong (Cabin Fever, Cabin Fever: Spring Fever), Georgina Rylance, Noureen DeWulf and Laura Cayouette will also star in Pulse 3: Invasion, the second of two back-to-back sequels now shooting in Louisiana. Both films were written and directed by Joel Soisson. Click either title above for synopses.

Source: Moviehole, IMDB