Sam Raimi Talks Evil Dead Remake, Grudge 3!

While out promoting 30 Days of Night for Columbia Pictures, Ghost House producer Sam Raimi talked to BD a bit about some upcoming projects. Inside you’ll find updates on the long-delayed The Evil Dead remake, The Grudge 3, Rise: The Blood Hunter 2 and Jeff Lynch’s Drag Me to Hell. Watch for the full interview soon and check out 30 Days in theaters Friday.

Today Sam Raimi chatted a bit with Bloody-Disgusting about the long-delayed remake to THE EVIL DEAD along with some other sequels, “Ive always made sequels even when I was making Super 8 movies,” he continues, “Making those sequels to those EVIL DEAD movies were nothing new. It was always a return to specific sets. The stage is already set and the audience knows what to expect and you can go for the gags right away.

And per usual, there is nothing going on with the EVIL DEAD remake, “Currently don’t have a plan for EVIL DEAD, Ive talked about finding a young filmmaker to re-imagine or remake it at some point,” he contoinues talking about the reasons why, “It came out as a 16 mm, it was a blow up to 35 – we only had 60 prints, no one ever saw it in theaters.” Robert Tapert suggested it to him and he said, “Why don’t we make a big screen movie with really great actors, a really great director, real camera and a great soundtrack? A new filmmaker can really do a great job. But since we’ve said it publicly we haven’t spent any time looking for people it has all been talk. But wed still like to do that at some point.

He also updated us on the status of THE GRUDGE 3, “There is a writer working on THE GRUDGE right now – he’s working on a screenplay and he’s getting notes from us in about week and going to go back on a second draft… We’re trying to get it done before the writers strike.

In addition he tells us that Rise: The Blood Hunter 2 begins shooting this winter and they’re prepping Drag Me to Hell with Jeff Lynch writing.

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