Eli Roth Talks ‘Trailer Trash’ and Zombies?!

During an interview over at MTV to promote his upcoming DVD release of Hostel: Part II, writer-director Eli Roth revealed some fresh goodness on his project, Trailer Trash, which MGM will release on August 22 of 2008. Read on to see who might cameo in the director’s chair and also for details on one of the short films, which is hilarious!

After insisting that he “cannot reveal” any of the specific fake trailers, a question about zombies made Eli accidentally cough one up to MTV, “… also, don’t give the zombies pot, because then they’ll get stoned and that’ll make them even hungrier … I’m going to be doing that idea,” he confessed.

He also talks about who might cameo in the director’s chair:

[It comes out on] August 22nd [2008], and I would start shooting probably in February,” he said of “Trash.” “Originally I was going to do it with a bunch of other directors, but now as I’m writing it, I don’t want to share it. I want to shoot them all myself. I’m going to be directing the feature – in certain cases, we might make a rare exception, like Edgar Wright … But really only in one or two cases; otherwise I’m going to be directing the film.

Click the link for the full story… and yes, that’s a pic of a zombie bunny.

Source: MTV