Steve Niles Talks ’30 Days of Night’s’ Long Trip!

One of the Bloody-Disgusting fav horror films of 2007, 30 Days of Night (review), is hitting theaters everywhere tomorrow. To continue our heavy coverage, inside you’ll find our interview with creator/writer Steven Niles, who chats a bit about the process of getting the beast made and his theory on vampires. Also, click here for trailers, clips and more over at BDTV.

30 Days of Night

Steve Niles has become a huge name among horror fans as he’s penning countless horror tales in comic book form. 30 DAYS OF NIGHT was his first major success, which took years to get off the ground. “It started as a movie pitch but was told it was like BUFFY,” he tells B-D explaining that one day IDW called and he sent a list for them where they chose 30 DAYS OF NIGHT to become a comic. Ben Templesmith did the comic with him and as soon as the ads hit, a bidding war started. It moved so fast that he was working on a script with Sam Raimi as he was finished issue #2 for IDW.

Enough about the history… what’s up with the vampires in this film? They’re like nothing we’ve seen before, which is why Niles is so happy, “One of the things all of us wanted to do was undo the vampire mythology.” This wasn’t a hard task if you base them in the real world where people [like us] think they’re cheesy and silly, “As long as vampires are silly [in the real world], no one will suspect them. They don’t want anyone to know they exist.” Niles believes that because over the years we’ve `humanized’ vampires, they’ve lost their bite, “I can name two scary vampire films since 1922 – NOSFURATU and SALEM’S LOT – vampires are now detectives on TV, they’re human. That’s not scary.” I couldn’t agree more.

He really digs in deep with his thought process explaining where he was going with the vampires in 30 DAYS, “I got rid of all the stuff like crosses and holey water… it’s a virus,” he continues talking a bit about their nature, “They replace seduction with cruelty… they play with their food a bit and resent the world.” Closing his argument by explaining that “we don’t seduce cows, so why would vampires seduce us?” Good point!

What next for the genre fav? Niles tells us, “I have to write a script a week, we’re scrambling right now… but “BIGFOOT’s already written.

And before we can leave he jokingly points out a flaw before everyone else discovers it, “It’s actually 55 days of darkness… but that’s not a good title (laughs).” – Mr. Disgusting