New Interview and Stills From Lionsgate’s ‘Daybreakers’

The one thing that Lionsgate needs more than anything in the world right now is another franchise – from what we’ve been told Daybreakers is the film that will do it. The buzz surrounding the massive Australian shoot is on epic levels and has me watching with a very close eye. I’m pumped and can’t wait to see what the Spierig brothers can do with a real budget. Today a massive interview hit the web, which features a stack of new stills from the film. Read on to check ‘em out.

It is 2016, and it has been 10 years since the plague transformed ordinary people into Vampires dependent on human blood for survival. As the human race nears extinction and the Vampire population grows desperate for blood, a group of rebel Vampires battle military forces to save the last vestiges of humanity.

Click either image to see more and read the interview at AICN:

Source: AICN