‘Feast 3’ Gets a Title, Greenlight DVD, Feast IV?!

We broke the news here on Bloody-Disgusting that the title for Dimension’s Feast sequel would be Feast II: Sloppy Seconds… now we’ve got exclusive details from co-writer Marcus Dunstan on the tentative title for the third film, along with details on a possible storyline, whether or not we’ve see a fourth Feast film and where the Project Greenlight DVDs are. Sloppy Seconds begins filming in Louisiana on Halloween day and Saw IV, which was co-written with Patrick Melton, hits theaters Friday.

SAW IV, FEAST Co-Writer Marcus Dunstan

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Two of the genres biggest up-and-coming writers are Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, who will see their SAW IV in theaters this Friday. We caught up with Marcus to chat about his flurry of work ranging from FEAST II: SLOPPY SECONDS to SAW VI.

FEAST 2 begins shooting on Halloween day! FEAST 3 begins shooting about a month after that,” he explains, “It is a back-to-back bloodbath in lovely Louisiana. I can’t wait.” Dunstan and Melton have the big task of writing a big movie that will be translated into a smaller budget, but it doesn’t sound like they’re having too much trouble, “The scripts are really coming along. Once again, a lack of budget has forced us to think beyond the parameters of the story and engineer excitement, tension and character dynamics that a more affluent budget could drown in special effects. Maybe I just hate myself, but I really enjoy being shoved up against the low budget wall and forced to find the Twilight Zone solution to the Star Wars problem.

And what will the title of the third film be? Drum roll please… FEAST III: THE HAPPY FINISH! He also reveals to us that we might see a little prequel action in one of the films, “I think you just might [see some prequel]… if it isn’t deemed too offensive.

But the real question is, will there be a FEAST IV?! Marcus says quite possible, “One never knows! If people are hungry for more FEAST-ing, then more FEAST-ing they will get, he continues, “In fact, Patrick and I already wrote a draft of FEAST IV. I don’t know if it will ever happen, but it knowing that we could keep building to something of a higher purpose helped shape the stories for II and III. We started at the end and worked backward.

The duo got their start off of the infamous Project Greenlight, but will we ever see the episodes on DVD? “I don’t think so. The show didn’t break any ratings records and some reality shows just don’t move enough units to guarantee distribution for the rest. It may see the light of day one of these years but as of now, I just don’t think so.

With SAW IV right at our doorstep, one of the main things we all want to know is how did the duo avoid plotholes? Marcus tells us, “It is difficult to navigate the meticulous history of the SAW universe. Hair lengths, scars, relationships…all are crucial elements that are taken into consideration when expanding the storyline,” he continues, “The plot hole monster is always lurking and I think that the Twisted Pictures team, the Lion’s Gate team and the legion of fans are constantly fortifying each development so that the story remains vital and bullet proof. It is a brutal challenge but one that continually inspires and captivates. It takes a hard stone to keep a knife sharp.

Watch this spot for the full interview later this week and check out SAW IV in theaters everywhere this Friday. FEAST II begins lensing October 31 n Louisiana.