The Crypkeeper Wouldn’t Be Surprised if ‘Tales’ Returns

On the heels of Warner Home Video’s release of HBO’s popular show Tales from the Crypt: Season 7 on DVD (the final season), Bloody-Disgusting has the pleasure of chatting with John Kassir, the voice of the infamous Cryptkeeper. During the chat Kassir talked a bit about the idea behind the original series and how he wouldn’t be surprised if the producers revisited it once again. Read on for the skinny and pick up the DVD in stores now!

John Kassir, who voiced The Cryptkeeper, tells us, “The partners which were Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis, Richard Donner, Walter Hill – all these differ people that were involved in this piece, they were really passionate about it and wanted it done right,” he explains, “It was also a playground to bring in great directors and actors; they were very careful who they selected for that. They wanted to show that it was someone who really knew [the franchise] – for me I grew up on TALES FROM THE CRYPT- I cant imagine them in any way shape or form taking the franchise that they were passionate about doing it and destroying it somehow. It’s a situation were if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I would be less surprised to see the franchise come back as a series like Twilight Zone came back with fresh directors and fresh stars.

He also chatted a bit about some of his favorite episodes, “First of all in this last season was one of my favorite seasons based on the fact that they tried to do something different with it,” he explains, “originally season 4 was supposed to be the last and [then there’s] the episode in season 6 [that] starred yours truly… I played this nasty flim flam artist. The Cryptkeeper is watching me on the screen and (does impression). That was a little fun episode for me. Another [favorite] episode was by Walter Hill, “A Man Called Death,’ from the very first season.

He also chatted a bit about working with the directors on the intros, “On occasion we got to- on certain episodes. Kevin Yagher directed most of the wrap arounds; most were written after they started on the episodes,” he explains, “Sometimes the directors would come in and tell you what they wanted in terms of the feel of the episode. They would give us a sense of the information they wanted to get across.

You can pick up TALES FROM THE CRYPT: SEASON 7 or the entire series box set in stores now!