‘Saw IV’ Proves Horror is Unstoppable With $32 Million!

The Box Office Mojo reports that Lionsgate’s Saw IV (review) took in an estimated $32 million in it’s opening weekend making it still the king of horror franchises this decade. That’s only a measly million less than last year showing Jigsaw is still as strong as ever and so is horror (yeah baby!) Click the title above for all things SAW IV or read on to see what SpookyDan had to say about the movie.

Jigsaw’s sophisticated turn of events
By Spookydan
4 out of 5 skulls

By now we all know that each Halloween season brings us horror buffs a new entry in the Saw franchise. And as expected Saw 4 delivers the gore and the tricks, turns and traps that we fans want! This is not a movie for the masses; this film is made for US horror fans that want more sophisticated films, without skimping on the gore factor. In today’s PC world of PG-13 horror films, and direct to DVD offerings, we all scream to get a movie like Saw 4. A smart, yet complicated horror romp, made to really bring out the adults for a good time. Unlike most horror films these days, I am excited to see this one again!

As usual I need to state a couple of facts before I write more… I am friends with many of the players involved with this film, and have enjoyed all the entries thus far. Ok now that that is out of the way… You need to get your asses to the theater and see Saw 4 in its glorious bloody greatness this weekend! Director Darren Bousman has done it again, this time creating a new level of depth to the films that the other films had not quite hit. We get a ton of Jigsaw back story and a ton of gore. The first 5 minutes of Saw 4 are a horror fans wets dream and it delivers some of the most spectacularly gruesome scenes on any R rated film in history. I have no idea how this film got away with so much red!

At the heart of the story is another puzzle created by our beloved hero Jigsaw, taunting and torturing Detective Rigg played by Lyric Bent. Bent, is put through the motions of figuring out a first class whodunit and how to survive? Cutting back and fourth between another cop who is trying to figure out what is going on and has a number of traps set in place for him as well. Twisting and turning the series on end, Bouseman really captivates as he weaves this complex web of storylines to one grand finale that even trumps Saw 3! As promised, no spoilers, but Bousman himself had promised that the last ten minutes of this film will leave everyone’s jaws on the floor. The best part about it, is that its not a fake or trick twist, it’s a carefully planned (admittedly confusing) spin that I have NEVER seen in a film before! Just the depth of its complexity had my head going in circles well after the closing credits.

What really separates this film from its predecessors is the new writing talents of Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. These guys have a huge and hard job of weaving plot points from the previous films through the upcoming Saw 5 and 6. (haha: I said “huge and hard”) Not enough good things can be said about these scribes who also penned the splatterfest Feast. Just wait until you see this film, if what these guys bring to the table is any indication of their future offerings, we may be looking at a new breed of smart and adult oriented horror films! A little side note… If you are a horror filmmaker, you better be trying really hard to make an effective film, because these guys just upped the ante in the horror genre by leaps and bounds.

The big surprise is the entrance of a few new great actors to the series. Betsy Russell, who plays Jigsaws wife, delivers a perfectly evil performance that had the whole place wondering just what the hell she is about! She does an extraordinary job of being creepy and sympathetic to the film and was making me beg for more. Scott Patterson as Agent Strahm seems a bit underused, with all of his on screen charisma. With Paterson, I foresee a new action star and while his performance was subdued, there is a hint of comedic genius creeping through every line he delivers; I hope that this film takes him to leading man status, and doubt anything can be done to stop it. Lastly we have Lyric Bent, this guy is groomed and ready to be the next Denzel, with his good looks, well crafted acting chops, Lyric Bent is actor one to watch for in the future! Of course we cannot talk about a Saw film without talking about the man himself Tobin Bell. Bell brings to Saw 4 a new layer of compassion that we saw only hints of in the past films, he is fuc**ed up and yet (this time) we can be supportive of his awful ways as we see his story unfold through flashbacks. Make way for a new saga in the Jigsaw legacy, even though he is already dead.

Hats off to the guys at Twisted Pictures, Lionsgate, Darren Bousman, and the whole gang behind Saw 4! I can’t wait for next years Saw entry (helmed by David Hackl) to blow my mind a little further.

Saw 4 is the must see horror film of the season!