AFM: Archlight’s Objective, Dying Breed & Acolytes

Archlight (Darclight) Films has always been good to us horror fans as they always strive to bring us great horror films. In an age where nearly every single direct-to-video rental is a steaming pile of dog sh-t, Archlight is always there making sure we get MORE than our moneys worth. This is why I’m excited to bring you guys a look at three of their upcoming films from this year’s AFM. Read on for new art and stills from Dying Breed, The Objective and Acolytes (trailer). Click here for all AFM news.

The Objective

Four months before the invasion of Afghanistan, six Special-Ops soldiers and one embedded reporter are faced with an enemy that none of them could ever have imagined. While on the mission they find themselves lost in a Middle Eastern ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of ancient evil.

Dying Breed

Dying Breed tells the story of four people conducting field research into the Tasmanian tiger who stumble across the descendants of a cannibal tribe.


Three teenagers blackmail a serial killer.

Source: All AFM News