Victor Salva Begins Work on ‘Jeepers Creepers 3’?

I’m wrapping up one of the most insane news days we’ve ever had here with some huge news. I’ve been holding this little bugger for a few weeks now, but I just heard something that will contort the story a tad. Jeepers Creepers 3, will it happen? Our sources say yes, no, maybe? Read on for our exclusive update on Victor Salva’s long-awaited third film, starring The Creeper!

This is pretty hilarious as this past week I started working on my list of films I want to see and can’t help but wonder where the f-ck they are (sneak peak here). One of the films I was about to add, along with X-FILES 2 (announced here) and AKIRA (announced here) – ironic I know – is Victor Salva’s JEEPERS CREEPERS 3, which most horror fans have been begging for.

So here’s the deal, coming from three separate sources. Our initial intel was that Salva has been trying to get the studio to let him make the third film, to no avail. He has an idea and has been pushing and pushing. The studios response was “there’s no franchise here anymore.” What crack are they smoking? I’d rent another 50 JEEPERS CREEPERS films so long as they keep pumping them out.

So cut to today. New sources tipped off B-D that apparently Salva has finally been given the thumbs up and is currently writing the script. The plan is for Salva to produce and for another director to helm the film, but in the end we still might see Victor get behind the camera. We are also informed that the film WILL BE DIRECT-TO-VIDEO.

We have every reason to trust all sources, as they are regular tipsters, but I have yet to confirm that Victor has signed on the dotted line. I pray the answer is yes. Bring on The Creeper.