WWE’s Terrifying Slasher Flick

What if you were the WWE (WWF) and you started losing wrestlers to movie studios? I mean, the Rock is gone now, Triple H is embarking on a career along with Kevin Nash by joining films like Blade III and Punisher. What would you do? WWE decided the best way would be to make their own movies, which I think is a brilliant solution to the growing problem. Read on for some really interesting news regarding WWE’s planned slasher flick…
The Hollywood Reporter writes that, “WWE Films has acquired an untitled horror movie pitch from writer Dan Madigan with plans to develop it as a starring vehicle for one of the organization’s most popular wrestlers. Specific details of the project are being kept under wraps, but it has been described as a very intense, very violent horror movie in which a great deal of the horror comes out of the film’s unique setting. The lead character is a remorseless, relentless, vicious and sadistic monster cut from the same cloth as such horror franchise icons as Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. The project is being produced by WWE Films’ Joel Simon and Jed Blaugrund. There is no studio attached to the project yet, with WWE purchasing the pitch with its own money. It is unclear yet whether WWE will partner with a studio on the film or finance the project itself.” My main guess would be WWE superstar KANE, but other top stars include Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Goldberg, and the Undertaker.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter