Weinsteins Acquire Trilogy of Horror From Wild Bunch

French sales-house Wild Bunch has sold a trio of pics to the Weinstein Co. TWC took U.S.-only rights to Martyrs, a chiller helmed by Pascal Laugier; U.S. rights to Agnes Merlet’s English-language drama Dorothy Mills; and North America and Australia/New Zealand rights to futuristic thriller Dante 01 (stills, trailer), by Marc Caro. Martyrs stars Morjane Alaoui and Mylene Jampanoi in the story a girl who emerges from a yearlong abduction and forms a bond with another girl while in recovery. Ireland-set Mills sees a village troubled by a 15-year-old girl who is believed to have supernatural powers. Dante is set in a space prison where a prisoner with monstrous powers is infecting other inmates.

Source: Variety