After Dark Horrorfest: B-D Reviews All Eight Films to Die For!

Today marks the launch of the second annual After Dark Horrorfest, which is now playing in limited theaters across the country. From today through the 18th you’ll be able to see eight different horror films as part of their “eight films to die for” event. Just how did this year’s event pan out? Read on to find reviews for ALL EIGHT FILMS: The Deaths of Ian Stone, Crazy Eights, Borderland, Mulberry Street, Unearthed, Nightmare Man, Lake Dead and Tooth and Nail. Post your reviews here or at the bottom of this news post!

All Horrorfest Reviews


The Deaths of Ian Stone (2.5/5): Mr. Disgusting’s review, “I am pretty disappointed with THE DEATHS OF IAN STONE and would say this is yet another title that should have only been available on DVD. There’s zero scare, zero substance, zero creativity and zero value in this lackluster feat from Stan Winston’s camp.” – Read the full review here

Nightmare Man (3.5/5), Tex Massacre’s review, “NIGHTMARE MAN hardly seems like big screen box office fare, and might disappoint fans looking for some of the more polished projects that were featured in the last fest, but for my money, anything that gets Tiffany Shepis on a 15-foot tall movie theater screen, prancing around in skimpy lingerie is well worth the price of admission! ” – Read the full review here

Unearthed (1/5): Mr Disgusting’s review, “With a trailer cut as good as Matthew Leutwyler latest film, you would think there’d be something there, especially at the insanely large budget used to create this catastrophe. UNEARTHED is a disappointment on all levels from the look, to the creature FX to the acting and the screenplay. Do I hear the Sci-Fi Channel calling?” – Read the full review here

Lake Dead (.5/5): Mr. Disgusting’s review, “LAKE DEAD feels like just another attempt to cash in our beloved genre and I feel like their idea of what we want to see is completely wrong… this film is officially now on my worst films of 2007 list.” – Read the full review here

Borderland (4/5): Tex Massacre’s review, ““In BORDERLAND, the idea of how far you would go to protect your friends and your own life is at the forefront of what makes the movie so successful at capturing your attention and holding it through a real-life situation that hopefully none of us will ever have the displeasure of living through.” – Read the full review here

Mulberry Street (2/5): Tex Massacre’s review, “Mickel seems to have a lot to say, and I think he told the right saga to relate his opinion, but the films failing comes in that he focused on a few key points but neglected the overall plotline to point them out. Survival in the face of a total societal meltdown can be impassioned and powerful filmmaking, even in the horror genre. But MULBERRY STREET is simply not up to the task of telling the tale.” – Read the full review here

Tooth and Nail (3/5): Mr. Disgusting’s review, “Visually NAIL is remarkable and interesting, but some deep seeded problems destroy what could have been a new indie masterpiece. The root of the film’s problems all lie within the screenplay, which was also written by Young, thus leaving the final product a mixed bag.” – Read the full review here.

Crazy Eights (2.5/5): Mr. Disgusting’s review, “The film is yet another in a long line of slow-paced, exposition heavy horror films lacking blood and gore. And the fact of the matter is that 99% of ghost films aren’t scary – EIGHTS is no exception.” – Read the full review here.


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