New Line Still Working on ‘Freddy vs Jason 2’

A little over four years ago New Line Cinema’s Freddy vs Jason took in an astounding $114 million in the box office worldwide. Since then they’ve been trying to get the sequel kicking and have even tried involving Ash and Michael Myers. Now that MTV, Paramount and New Line Cinema are teaming together for the Friday the 13th remake (hitting theaters February 13, 2009), New Line Cinema has renewed excitement about the franchise and has begun developing Freddy vs Jason 2 to continue to run with the hype. The details I have are extremely slim, but from my understanding there is still no script – and because of the WGA strike this means the big battle won’t be coming anytime soon. I believe the studio is planning on moving on a sequel, which pits Freddy Krueger against Jason Voorhees, as soon as the strike ends, but nothing is set in stone. I guess you can say this news is a little premature, but the fact that New Line wants to get the sequel going is important in my book. It would be great to see the two go head-to-head once more right after the Friday remake hits theaters, I’m sick of waiting five years for each franchise to continue.