Repo! vs Repo Hits the Editing Room, DLB Responds!

2008 will be the battle of the horror-musicals as Lionsgate’s Repo! The Genetic Opera and Universal Pictures’ Repossession Mambo will battle it out to prove once and for all who’s the king of the bloody song and dance. Everyone (and their moms) know that Darren Lynn Bousman’s Repo! is the original and that Mambo is a complete rip-off (boo!), and now the war has begun to heat up. Read on to see the latest from Bousman from, his blog.

From Darren Lynn Bousman’s Blog:
“We really did “START THIS OPERA SHIT”

So weeks have come and gone – we are still in the edit room! First off – some news on the editor – You all know my love for the SAW crew – but one of the family was unable to return – Kevin Greutert the editor. So my new editor HARVEY is amazing. Some of Harveys credits include “Tombstone, Scent of a Woman, Kiss the Girls” needless to say I am in great hands!

So yesterday, I am sitting in the edit room – minding my own business – and suddenly someone walks in to introduce themselves… Guess who it was? Go on, guess, seriously? REPOSSESSION MAMBO!!!! That’s right – that ‘other’ REPO movie moved in NEXT DOOR to us… Not down the hall… not a floor below – but RIGHT NEXT TO US!!!

On any other film I would be worried – but not with this film… and not with them… For those of you who have seen the stage show – you know that NOTHING else is out there like this… or us… So what – another Repossession movie is in production – – who cares? My question to them is do they have BILL MOSELEY dancing around singing while he is stabbing people in the throat? I think not!!! This is unlike anything I have ever seen – and the more of the edit I see – the harder time I am having comparing it to ANYTHING?

The movie is looking and sounding amazing!!!! I am also excited by our use of mixed media. We shot the movie on HD – those familiar with the HD cameras we shot on the Genesis – but on top of that – we have 16mm – and ANIMATION – which is looking insane!

Yesterday I got to peek at some of our visual effects… As if I couldn’t be any happier – this comes along and my excitement skyrockets!

Hopefully soon I release some music to the world – I think people are still thrown off – thinking we are a musical – or an opera – or some broadway like show.

Trust me… Wait… We are really none of the above… The truth is we are not like anything…


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