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A Look at HEXED – Overview of the Series So Far….



Late last year, Boom comics did a ballsy move and gave away issue one of Hexed for free online. Fast forward to April and issue four which is the last issue of the mini-series. Is this series worth your time? Read on…
Hex1 Hex2
Hexed is the story about a thief named Luci Jenifer, nicknamed Lucifer. She has a dark mysterious past and works for a group that’s interested in strange treasures of the occult. The plot starts out like it’s just a regular day in the life of a thief but then her dark past comes back to haunt her. She then has to fight through her past (and other dimensions and monsters,) to get back the new life she has. I don’t want to get too much into the story because that is half of the fun in this comic, so lets just say it’s Buffy meets Constantine meets manga….yeah that works. It’s nice to read comics like Hexed because it is a little lighter than most Horror comics around but it does not hinder on entertainment.

The artwork and covers by Emma Rios are very well done. The art has a great adventure like quality to it. Rios uses this medium to it’s best by showing scenes that could only be justified in comics.

The only downside to this series was that it was only four issues. It did cap the story well and leave it open to more if it’s popular enough. I hope they do continue the series and I encourage every one to read the first issue for free to see if you like it. What did you think of Hexed?
Writer by Michael Alan Nelson, Art and Covers by Emma Rios. 3.99 an issue, Out Now


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