Nine New Reviews: Wide Range of Options For This Weekend

Today we posted nine new reviews for you guys to chew on. The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start queuing up movies in your Blockbuster/Netflix accounts and hopefully we’ll continue to guide you in the right direction. Inside you’ll find a slew of opinions on some interesting films, two of which Tex is raving about (Blood Car is now in my queue), read on and enjoy!


Blood Car, review by Tex Massacre, “BLOOD CAR is an unholy union of absurdist humor and surrealistic horror… So yeah…I laughed…I guess that makes me a sick fuck. But, hey…I didn’t write and direct this film. That honor and blame goes to Alex Orr. So if you’re feeling guilty after watching it, send a few bucks to PETA or something. Personally, I can’t afford it…gas prices are bleeding me dry!

Stir of Echoes 2, review by Ryan Daley, “It goes without saying that any STIR OF ECHOES sequel made without Koepp’s involvement is sure to turn out to be a real hack job, and the this shoe definitely fits HOMECOMING. If you’re into random jump scares and stew-faced burn victims, get your hands on STIR OF ECHOES 2 and store it proudly next to your copy of STARSHIP TROOPERS 2:HEROES OF THE FEDERATION.

The Bad Seed, review by Fatally Yours, “If you don’t mind dialogue-heavy, black and white films, The Bad Seed is a delightful film in the “evil child” subgenre of horror. If you’ve ever found yourself carefully avoiding playgrounds and edging away from beaming parents and their newborns, you’ll find a lot to love with The Bad Seed.

Witchfinder General, review by Fatally Yours, “Witchfinder General may not be the best British horror movie ever, but if you are a big fan of British horror films or a witch trial history buff it will definitely deliver. As for the rest of us, a rental will probably suffice.

Bloodsucking Cinema, review by Ryan Daley, “BLOODSUCKING CINEMA is completely anemic, a string of slow, ponderous opinions graced with the occasional film clip. Recommended for old people who want to learn about vampire movies.

Halloween…The Happy Haunting of America!, review by Slice, “While this isn’t high art, this DVD is indeed a quick, fun watch with the Halloween season approaching. If you’re unable to check it out before this year’s All Hallow’s Eve, pick it up and get hyped for the next year. After all, you might as well know a little bit about the Holiday you love to celebrate right?

Amityville Collection (Triple Feature), review by Ryan Daley, “THE AMITYVILLE COLLECTION might serve the interests of certain collectors and George Lutz enthusiasts, but the general horror fan need not apply. Swimming in mediocrity and laziness, the 3 featured films only enhance the qualities of the better films in the series.

Hollow Man: Director’s Cut, review by Tex Massacre, “HOLLOW MAN ranks up there with Verhoeven’s best, a slightly mean-spirited but thoroughly enjoyable romp through the world of mad, bloody, exceedingly preposterous science. Some may point fingers and giggle at its silly script, but I will defend the sheer entertainment value of HOLLOW MAN until the day I die.

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!, review by Tex Massacre, “If more low-budget mavericks like the crew behind ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! could keep putting out quality product like this, than perhaps those of us who see the humor in hacked off limbs might start to turn the tide. ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! might not be the best the genre has to offer but in a category where far too many first-time feature filmmakers fail to hit the mark.

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