Joe Lynch Talks ‘Wrong Turn 3’ Possibilities

Fox Home Video’s October release of Wrong Turn 2: Dead End was such a smashing hit that a third film is already in talks. Today a new interview online revealed that Joe Lynch could possibly return to direct the next entry… only if they run with his idea. He did such a smash-up job with the second that Fox would be insane not to let him run with the decapitated head once again. Read on for the skinny.

Writer-director Joe Lynch chatted a bit with website Bloody Good Horror about WRONG TURN 2, which is now available on DVD everywhere. During the interview he revealed that talks are in progress for WRONG TURN 3, “We’re talking about it now, and obviously the writer’s strike is holding it up,” he explains, “Part of me thinks that Rob had his version of the first film which was kind of this 70’s homage, and mine was the 80’s homage, and I’m thinking that it would be great to see “Wrong Turn 3” be almost like a 90’s homage. But to be honest the only thing I can think of in the horror lineage looking back that occurred in the 90’s was the “Scream” era, and the last thing we need is someone saying “I’ll be right back!” We definitely don’t need that, so there’s a couple ideas that they’re kicking around now.

Lynch also chatted a bit about some ideas he has for the sequel, if it were to ever take float, “There’s one idea in particular that I FUCKING LOVE that would answer all the questions that people have had in the past as to why people who survived the previous films didn’t say anything, and where are the cops in all of this. So it answers a lot of questions, it opens up the mythology a little more too which I really like.

But will it ever happen? Anything is possible, “I haven’t seen any scripts so I think it’s just ideas at this point, but I have a feeling that they’re going to want to jump right into this thing as soon as possible so who knows. There could be a script cranked out the second the writers strike is over, so here’s hoping…

So the real question is, will Lynch return to direct again? “I’ve honestly said, if they pick that idea then I’ll do it. If you don’t see my name attached to the third film, then that means they didn’t pick that script.

Read the full interview here

Source: Bloody Good Horror
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