Parisse Boothe to ‘Howl’ With Father

Clint Morris – one of our good mates who runs the website – is the writer-producer on a new werewolf flick entitled Howl, which was announced last January. Over the past year things have progressed nicely for the horror-comedy, which is looking to film sometime next year. We checked in with Clint for the latest additions to the cast, along with updates on the progress of the film. Read on for new details and a better synopsis.

Parisse Boothe jumped onboard the project “Howl” last week. She, of course, is the daughter of Powers Boothe and was also a cast member on ‘Deadwood’. She recently appeared in the baseball drama ‘The Final Season’.

She plays a pivoltal part in the flick.

Boothe, trained in the theatre, played ‘Tess’ on HBO’s “Deadwood”.

She is awesome – and absolutely stunning. Look at her eyes. Tell me she’s not perfect for a film like this….

‘Howl’, is a werewolf movie satire about a detective, on the trail of a murderer in Hollywood, whose hours are seriously hindered by the fact he’s a werewolf. A young Affleck-ian type heartthrob has turned up dead on a movie set and it’s up to him to find the killer…. before the moon rises, of course.

Its very tongue-in-cheek, definitely not a serious movie – but it’ll still have its share of scares – I guess you could say it’s of a similiar vein to “An American Werewolf” only more self-referential and silly,” says writer Clint Morris, whose currently on the supernatural western Between the Sand and the Sky and a producer on “Condition Dead” from director Patrick Lussier. “All the characters and locations are named after past werewolf movies – for instance, it starts in ‘Griffin Dunne, Nevada’ and ends in the ‘Tony Rivers Memorial Zoo’. I guess you could say it’s a cross between ‘Buffy” and “The Player”. Eric Stoltz thinks of it as a great ‘noir’ style film… soI guess it’s a mish mash of all those things.

”Howl” is co-produced by actor/producer Chris Showerman (”George of the Jungle 2”, ”Big Game”) and executive produced by Joe Nicolo (”Brainscan”) and Jeffrey D.Erb (”Let the Game Begin”).

Besides Stoltz – who does NOT play the villain the hero is hunting throughout the movie (though he is a nasty type), HOWL’s cast also includes TV faves Stephen Tobolowsky (TVs “Heroes”) and Kam Heskin (“Coastal Dreams”). A few other big names in talks, but their deals haven’t been signed yet, so I’ll leave them out until we get the A-OK. No lead cast yet – that’s going to be a difficult one.

We were developing it with another crowd, but now Feverpitch Pictures has taken it on – it’ll be more of an ‘indy’ now, but that’s probably for the best – any other crowd are likely to want to extract the comedy and pop culture references from it and have it play out as more of a serious werewolf flick… and quite frankly, I think they’ve been done to death.

Morris has several other projects taking predecence at the moment – Between the Sand and the Sky (the supernatural Morris and Showerman are doing –, a yet-to-be-titled monster movie to be filmed in Beijing in Feb (will get you the scoop soon!) and the film Morris is prepping in Australia at the moment – a serial killer flick, so “Howl” is a ways off yet, possibly won’t be before the cameras until next Winter. “It’s a time thing. I’m invested in this one. So I want to be available for it, too. This SAG strike may end up dictating the start date though!,” says Morris, who also runs Moviehole.

Morris also states that many of the lead roles haven’t even been cast yet.

We’re not sure which one is going to happen first – ”Howl” or ”Condition Dead” (which, btw, Tyrese is no longer involved with but Patrick Lussier remains onboard as director), but the latter’s a much more expensive movie, more epic, so I dare say the more economical of the two will kick off first.

Howl has just been announced, so it’s a while off yet as I said, but happy to field in questions in the meantime –