Stephen Susco Talks Zero Dark, Flatliners TV Series!

One of the many films we’re excited for at this January’s Sundance Film Festival is Trygve Allister Diesen’s Red, the adaptation of the Jack Ketchum novel. To get some early hype going on the film we caught up with writer Stephen Susco who revealed all sorts of details on Red and scooped us on a few other projects he’s working on. You can read about some of the projects inside and watch this spot for the full interview later this week.

One film we were quite interested in was ZERO DARK THIRTY, a remake of the classic horror film DEATHDREAM. Word had it that the film was currently production, although Susco explains how far along the film really is. “ZD30 is approaching production – we’re still trying to get our financing locked up. Though I’ve been a conditional producer on half a dozen projects (“conditional” as in “co-” and “associate”), ZD30 will be the first film I have fully produced.” He explains that there hasn’t been anyone cast yet, but reveals that Michael Douglas is producing with them!

With the WGA strike in full effect, I was curious what projects of Susco’s were being developed before the strike. Susco tells us about a FLATLINERS TV series, and more, “I was developing a television series based on the film FLATLINERS, writing and producing DYBBUK BOX with the GRUDGE team, and finishing a new spec,” he explained. “I was also producing a few other projects through my company (Zero Hour Films) – one of which will eventually be the mother of zombie movies (adapted from the book MONSTER ISLAND, by David Wellington).

Susco will be on hand at this year’s Sundance Film Festival to help promote RED, which follows a couple of kids who kill just for fun a dog named ‘Red’, the trusty hound of an old gent. The owner finds out who they are, and tries to bring them to justice by informing the authorities. However, this amounts to nothing, so he decides to dish out his own brand of retribution. Watch this spot for the full interview later this week.

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