Jamie Blanks Talks ‘Long Weekend’ Remake

There are so many horror movies out there I’m sad to admit I haven’t seen a lot of them. One inparticular I’ve been meaning to check out is the 1978 Australian pic Long Weekend, which is being remade by Jamie Blanks. While out promoting the release of Storm Warning, Blanks chatted a bit with B-D about the remake, which is now in production. Read on for the skinny and check out Storm Warning on DVD February 5 from Dimension Extreme.

While chatting with Jamie Blanks about the forthcoming Dimension Extreme release of his feature film STORM WARNING, Blanks talked to us a bit about his next project. LONG WEEKEND is a remake of the classic Australian horror film from 1978 where a young couple traveling through the Australian Outback whose disregard for the environment leads to the local wildlife striking back at them. Blanks updates on the status of his remake, “I’m already shooting it. I’m filming the movie in Victoria, Australia. We’re predominantly based at Wilsons Promontory National Park. It’s one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth and we’re the first film crew to ever shoot a feature there.

When asked what type of horror film LONG WEEKEND will be Blanks replied, “A very different one… You’re going to have to wait and find out.” The synopsis for the film is pretty vague and we tried to get Jamie to reveal just tad more, but sometimes keeping the story a secret can add to the viewing experience – at least it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. “I can promise you that it’s nothing like “The Birds” or any other “Mother Nature Goes Apeshit” movie that you’ve ever seen,” he continues, “There are elements from the original that I wouldn’t dream of changing and there are also many times in which we depart from the original film. I’ve long loved the first movie and am having the time of my life with the remake. It’s going to be an amazing movie and I’m already proud of what we’ve done with it.

Watch for the full interview later this week and pick up STORM WARNING on DVD February 5 from Dimension Extreme.